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Fuel Theft From Trucks

October 25th, 2012 Comments off

Abbey Logistics Go To The Hercules Floating Ball Anti Siphon

Operating over 200 vehicles, Abbey Logistics is widely acknowledged as a leading transporter of bulk liquid food ingredients. Abbey is now fitting the Hercules Anti-Siphon to reduce fuel theft across its fleet.

“In today’s high fuel price environment fuel anti-siphons are essential for all operators and we’ve been delighted with the Hercules product,”: says managing director Steve Granite.

Matthew Burke adds: “For operators requiring a floating ball device, we offer the easily the best value product in the market. We continue to convert high-profile operators from competitors to our Hercules and Abbey?s reputation puts it at the top of the list”.

The Hercules Anti Siphon Fuel Security and Safety Device is the best priced device to prevent ANY fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that allows fuel to flow into the tank, but locks off once filling is stopped, meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

To recevie a fleet quote for the Hercules please call 0115 8456471 or email


Stop Fuel Theft With Anti Skimmimng Syphon Device

Floating Ball Anti Syphon Device From aide automtoive

Suzie Trailer Locks for NHS

October 16th, 2012 Comments off

Trailer Susie Locks are an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

Ths NHS recently purchased a number of locks for the Somerset depot and has been pleased with the product and aide automotives service.

Robert Woollen of the NHS Supply Chain commented “The Susie Locks arrived promptly and I am happy with them. The six I ordered covered our immediate requirements, as and when we require further units or associated items I will give you a call.”

If you need to manage VOR trailers then this lock is an ideal cost effective tool, using a number plate style VOR sign, trailers have been known to be used as this doesn’t stop people from hooking up to a tractor unit.

As the Lock is easy to operate and install, this lock provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from being moved or returned to road duty. Trailer Red Line locks also provide a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft

To recevie a quote call 0115 8456471 or contact us via our website by clicking on aide automotive ltd


Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock

Truck Incident Crash Camera

October 12th, 2012 Comments off

aide automotive have a Incident Camera in their product range.

On Board recording cameras are becoming an essential tool in vehicle incident evidence for vehicle operating companies.

Ideal for all applications such as Law Enforcement, Hauliers, Taxi, Private Cars and much more.

The Black Vue is easily installed in less than a few minutes in any vehicle. The Camera bracket with sticky pad can be adjusted to suit any window.

With more and more Duty Of Care and Safety requirements being put on business in today’s world a Truck¬†Incident Camera can have a positive effect on a safety record and possibly more importantly keeping vehicles on the road.

Matthew Burke Said “with more an more incdents on the UK roads we beleive this product is an ideal way of keeping a fleet of vehicles on the road rather than off it. No these camera’s do not stop vehicle incidents but make drivers more aware of how they are driving. But from an insurers point of view the incident can be seen to see who is as fault.”

If you would like a to know more contact us by clicking on aide automotive ltd or phone 0115 8456471.

Help With A Crash Camera For Trucks

Incident Camera for Trucks & Vans

Trailer Diagnostics Kit Now Covers All Systems

October 3rd, 2012 Comments off

TrailerCheck’s Code Talk Trailer Diagnostics Concudes with the Addtion of WABCO EBS

aide automotive are pleased to confirm the addition of Wabco EBS to our excellent Commercial Trailer Diagnostic Tester TrailerCheck & Code Talk.

TrailerCheck’s ECU diagnostics Reader has now the option of reading and clearing codes on the following systems: Haldex, Wabco & Knor Bremse Anti Lock Braking Systems and Haldex, Wabco & Knor Bremse Electronic Braking Systems.

Matthew Burke aide automotives Director stated “We have marketed the TrailerCheck for many years, first when we introduced the portable trailer light tester and with years of development added the excellent Code Talk Remote controller for the TrailerCheck & diagnostics code reader / clearer. This product has further developed with a Van version as the ultimate one man trailer service tool. We recently supplied Chatfields Depots with the Van version and with their knowledge to see an investment in latest technology workshop tools, proves to us we have a excellent product and the need to focus on further development of all our products to meet today’s technology.”

You can read more about the Chatfields purchase within the Email Subject “Chatfields Invest in TrailerCheck“.


If you would like to discuss the specifaction of the TrailerCheck product range please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on aide automoitve ltd.

TrailerCheck Light Tester Service Tool for Commercial Trailers

Trailer Light Tester to test lights and air brakes on a commercial trailer