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Commercial Trailer Security Lock

November 24th, 2016 Comments off

Trailer Air Line Lock May Offfer

aide automotive are pleased to offer a Special Price for the Trailer Air Line Lock for the month of May 16.

The Trailer Vehicle Off Road (VOR) Air Line Lock is an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

Off site a Trailer Air Line Lock can offer security against theft, with this lock snapped on an air line a trailer is near impossible to move. Simply lock on to the emergency C coupling of the trailer to prevent unauthorised movement, securing commercial trailers by preventing the release of the brakes

How Trailer Air Brakes Work
Trailer air brakes by default are ON, compressed air is forced from the tractor or cab unit to apply pressure to release the brakes.

Without compressed air the trailer air brake system is not activated and the trailer remains stationary, so, for example, it cannot roll away. The air line hose is integral to the trailer and cannot be easily removed.

Trailer Air Line Lock fits onto the red line which is the pneumatic high pressure hose that connects the pressurised air supply from the cab/tractor unit to the trailer. Trailer Air Line Lock fits all makes of air hose couplers and push-to-connect tube fittings.

Trailer C Coupling Lock Features

The lock sleeve is long enough to cover the male coupling preventing it from being unscrewed from the trailer.

Each lock is supplied with two keys, which are tucked inside a plastic cap for transit.

Compact, rugged and simple to operate.

To fit remove key and push lock onto the male.

10,000 Key combinations

Sets of locks operated with the same key may be purchased.

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Locks A Trailer Susie Line

Trailer Vehicle Off Road (VOR) Air Line Lock

VOR Trailer Locks

March 9th, 2014 Comments off

Trailer Management Using VOR Trailer Locks

Europa Logistics Order Trailer Air Coil Red Line Locks from aide automotive

Europa Worldwide Logistics is one of the largest privately owned Transport and Logistics companies in the United Kingdom, delivering cost-effective freight solutions since 1966.

With a strong presence in 100 countries across six continents, plus an unrivaled land service to the whole of Western and Eastern Europe. Employing over 400 people in the UK and operating over 475 scheduled departures per week, Europa delivers over 500,000 consignments a year across 30 European and Scandinavian countries.

When Europa Logistics required a system to prevent unauthorised trailer movement Craig Roberts scouted the world web and locating supplier aide automotive ltd.

Purchasing 6 Trailer Air Coil Locks from aide automotive Europa Logistics now can implement a system to keep trailer management for VOR or loading.

The Trailer Air Coil Trailer Lock is a simple to fit trailer movement deterrent made from stainless steel incorporating an integrated lock. The Trailer Air Coil lock unit provides a key protected barrier to prevent coupling and restrict unauthorised trailer movement.

Prevents unauthorized trailer movements
Easy to apply and remove with key control
Robust stainless steel manufacture
Fits most standard trailer formats
Individual or keyed alike variations

Trailer VOR Locks provide both an easy visual with physical barrier indication against the movement of trailers particularly for yard management of the trailer fleet. Its ease to operate and install onto the trailer coupling provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR (vehicle off road) trailers from unauthorised movement particularly when maintenance issues are at stake. It also provides a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft.

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Trailer VOR Lock

VOR Trailer Lock – VOR Lock

Trailer Security Lock Prevents Theft

August 21st, 2013 Comments off

Trailer Red Line Lock To Secure A Trailer While Parked Or Yard Stored

Trailer Susie Lock is an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

If you need to manage secure trailers then a Trailer Red Line Lock is an ideal cost effective tool, when is a trailer is off the road, using a number plate style VOR sign is less than ideal, this has no protection of the sign being thrown away and the trailer used.

A recent theft of a trailer in Scotland with £300,000 of wine might have been prevented with a simple low cost Susie Lock.

Thieves have made off after stealing a trailer from a haulage yard.

The vehicle was parked in the R T Keedwell Haulage Yard on Uddingston’s Bellshill Road when the theft took place.

Between midday on Saturday 17.08.13 and 8.20am on Sunday, the suspects entered the yard and hooked their own cab to a trailer containing pallets of wine. They subsequently drove the trailer out of the yard.

Police Scotland said the retail value of the alcohol was approximately £300,000.

Detective Sergeant John Cameron of Hamilton police office appealed for witnesses to come forward.

He said: “I would urge anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious on Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning either at or near the haulage yard to come forward as they may have information that is vital to this enquiry.”

Commenting Matt Burke said “The Trailer Lock will stop easy movement of a trailer parked on or off site, locking the red line means a trailer brake system can not be activated and the trailer will move with the brake on. An excellent low cost product could save trailer theft for any transport or haulage company.”


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Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock

Suzie Trailer Locks for NHS

October 16th, 2012 Comments off

Trailer Susie Locks are an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

Ths NHS recently purchased a number of locks for the Somerset depot and has been pleased with the product and aide automotives service.

Robert Woollen of the NHS Supply Chain commented “The Susie Locks arrived promptly and I am happy with them. The six I ordered covered our immediate requirements, as and when we require further units or associated items I will give you a call.”

If you need to manage VOR trailers then this lock is an ideal cost effective tool, using a number plate style VOR sign, trailers have been known to be used as this doesn’t stop people from hooking up to a tractor unit.

As the Lock is easy to operate and install, this lock provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from being moved or returned to road duty. Trailer Red Line locks also provide a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft

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Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock