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MOT Tow Bar Tester 13 Pin

June 30th, 2011 Comments off

Tow bar testing will be an essential part of the MOT tests from next year, VOSA regulations will come into force on the 1st January 2012 and all
13 pin tow bars on Classes 3, 4, 5 & 7 will need to be tested.
aide automotive are stocking a 13-pin TowBar Tester to check the 13-pin electrical towing sockets fitted to vehicles with tow-bars. If the sockets are faulty, then trailer or caravan lights may not work. The device enables a single MOT Tester to test the 13 pin socket easily and quickly. The hand held casing has been designed to be light weight and tough, with rounded edges to prevent damage should it come into accidental contact with either the vehicle’s bodywork or interior, the display LED’s are bright enough to be seen even in direct sunlight and the lead is a generous 5m long with a rugged, moulded 13pin plug.
Ergonomics and ease of use were a major consideration when the this tester was designed, the smaller thinner case makes the unit easier to
hold, and the recessed self test button helps prevent accidental operation, the intuitive label graphic quickly guides the operator as to which light is being tested as it replicates the rear of a vehicle and the light position.
Priced at £49.99 + vat this tester is ideal for MOT Garages or Prep Garages to carry out the Tow Bar Socket Test.
Contact aide automotive ltd to purchase a 13 Pin TowBar Tester today!


MOT Approved Tow Bar Tester

13 Pin Tow Bar Socket Tester

Fuel Theft Alarm TankGuard

June 29th, 2011 Comments off

With many years of experience of fuel theft issues regarding commercial vehicles, aide automotive is pleased to add a new product to prevent and stop fuel theft!


Tank Guard is designed to work in conjunction with your existing security devices such as locking fuel cap or anti-syphon device.


For simplicity of use, the Tank Guard will automatically arm after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds. Thereafter the ACTIVE DETERRENT will flash the strobe for seven seconds every minute in order to warn off potential thieves. This proven technique in crime reduction can have the effect of reducing the likely-hood of attack in the vehicle by at least eight fold!


Tank Guard also has sophisticated sensor fitted externally in a discreet location on the outside of the fuel tank. If thieves attempt to remove the locked cap, or jemmy out the sender unit or in any way attack the tank then the Tank Guard alarm will be activated. This will result in a 114 decibel siren or voice alarm giving a deafening warning along with a high intensity flashing strobe to drive the thieves away.


Tank Guard is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual tank trucks.


Matthew Burke aide automotive’s sales director stated ” With marketing and selling anti syphon devices for 10 years to great effect in preventing fuel theft, truck operators have always requested further security around the tank, with this we believe the adding of a Tank Guard to a truck as well as an anti syphon device will 95 % prevent fuel theft and save hauliers hundreds if not thousands pounds. We have reviewed over many years alarm devices but until now could not find the cost affordable technology to make a product suitable for the market, with the cost of a Tank Guard at less than a third of a tank of fuel we believe this now is a product that truck operators can cost effectively purchase to protect against fuel theft.”


Tank Guard can be installed by a competent internal staff or an outsourced auto electrician.


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Tow Bar MOT Test

June 25th, 2011 No comments

January sees the introduction of the testing of the 13 pin tow bar socket within the UK MOT scheme.

Reason for Rejection of the 13 Pin Tow Bar would be:

A towbar component insecure, fractured or excessively:

worn,corroded, or damaged.

  • Towbar assembly is attached to the vehicle structure using a mounting,
    support or fixing which is obviously of an inappropriate size or type.
  • Retaining device missing or insecure
  • locking device missing, insecure, inadequate or damaged to the extent that
    its operation is impaired.
  • Excessive play between a detachable tow ball and its receiver socket
  • a quick release mechanism that does not secure the tow ball arm as intended.

Contact aide automotive to see the range of electrical tow bar testers available.

EBS Diagnostics Knorr Bremse

June 17th, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive’s excellent trailer service tool TrailerCheck has been upgraded to read and clear EBS codes for Knorr Bremse.

The TrailerCheck family already reads and clears ABS codes on Haldex, Wabco and Knorr Bremse and Haldex EBS with the latest addition of Knorr Bremse EBS this product is the most cost effective diagnostic tool for trailer maintenance and repairs.
Matthew Burke, aide automotive’s Sales Director stated “With the common request for EBS code reading we are pleased to release Knorr Bremse EBS code reading through the TrailerCheck diagnostic trailer service tool. TrailerCheck has seen a steady growth in sales each year, I believe this is down to repairers looking to the future and getting to grips with the tools that look the part and are professional. Code reading is essential in repairing commercial vehicles these days and clearing on service intervals means reading active fault codes the next time a plug in occurs.”
VOSA often stop vehicles on road side checks and check the ABS warning light, if a trailer has recorded faults and all is required is a cleaning of the memory to clear the warning light, operators run the risk of penalties when a simple plug in would have saved any risk.
The TrailerCheck product range includes portable testers and in Van solutions, TrailerCheck 4 Vans is the one man maintenance tool for a trailer service engineer.

Any TrailerCheck is an ideal cost effective test gauge to quickly determine the electrical integrity of an EBS/ ABS braking system plus a full lighting check and ABS/EBS ECU Code Reader on a commercial trailer.

Truck Anti Syphon Device

June 8th, 2011 Comments off

With the high cost of diesel and increased diesel theft incidents, aide automoitve are to introduce a new truck anti syphon device.

FuelKeep Value is a strong high quality device for the larger truck tanks such as Mercedes, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and many buses and coaches with the larger 80 mm filler neck and bayonet cap.

 A survey by the Road Haulage Association(RHA) saw six in 10 respondents (58.2%) say they have been victims of fuel theftin the last 12 months. The trade body said it undertook the survey of 151 members in response to a sharp increase in the number of fuel thefts reported.

The RHA survey has revealed there has been a hike in the number of thefts in the region of 1,000-1,500litres, compared to the average 100-600litres that is normally targeted.

David McMurray, MD of Accrington, Lancs-based McMurrays Haulage, says: “I can confirm we have been targeted a handful of times so far in 2011. It has been a problem for the industry for a long time, but fuel is becoming like liquid gold-dust, so I’m not surprised to hear the number of incidents has risen again.”

With the new FuelKeep Value a large or small fleet can secure fuel tanks at an economical price. For the premium device called TP Anti Syph click on TP Anti Syph.

Contact aide automotive for a fleet quote today.

13 Pin Electrical Tow Bar Tester

June 6th, 2011 Comments off

Towbar Testing will be an essential part of the MOT tests from next year, VOSA regulations will come into force on 1st January 2012 and all towbars will need to be tested.

aide automotive are stocking a 13-pin Towbar Tester to check the 13-pin electrical towing sockets fitted to vehicles with tow-bars. If the sockets are faulty, then trailer or caravan lights may not work.

Purchase a VOSA approved 13 Pin Socket Tester from aide automotive today!

Diagnostic Trailer Tester TrailerCheck

June 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Since the TrailerCheck was introduced in 2007, aide automotive has seen a steady increase in sales but 2011 has become the boom year!

Matthew Burke stated “TrailerCheck was introduced to help trailer repairer’s service and pre-test trailers for MOT, using a tool such as TrailerCheck is a professional method to test multiple trailer lights and the ABS warning light without the need for a tractor unit. In the early days repairers would use a couple of batteries to power a trailer and soon find they had flat batteries or even damaged a circuit by adding full power, as TrailerCheck is a micro-processor controlled test tool, with this many trailers can be powered and checked without the need for recharging. Self-contained the TrailerCheck is portable and easily carried to trailers in restricted areas.
But in 2011 we have seen the need for trailer repairers to improve test tools to check a trailer and also read and clear fault codes from the ECU. TrailerCheck will soon read Knorr Bremse EBS and Wabco hopefully by the end of the year.
We have sold over 20 TrailerCheck’s since the start of the year, this easily beats sales for 2007 to 2009!
And we see the future tool as the TrailerCheck 4 Vans; this one incorporates two air test gauges and a remote brake activator for one man trailer maintenance and service.”

With other workshop test tools such as the ISOCheck and EBS/ABS Sensor Tester aide automotive offer an excellent range of truck & trailer repair tools.

Contact aide automotive for prices or more information.