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Blind Spot Mirror For Trucks Is a Fresnel Lens

January 28th, 2016 Comments off

Truck HGV Blind Spot Lens

A Hi Vu Fresnel lens press-fits inside the truck’s passenger side window and is held firmly in place by its own ‘peel-back’ self-adhesive.

The Fresnel lens provides an extra downwards view for the HGV driver so that at a glance he can see any vulnerable road user that might be hidden in the mirror blind spot, alongside his passenger door.

Unlike a mirror, Hi Vu affords the driver a normal, (through the window) view of what’s close to his cab, not a reversed or inverted mirror image. That means the driver will assimilate any danger much faster and react far more quickly.

Due to a blind spot, drivers of trucks cannot see smaller vehicles or other vulnerable road users which are immediately next to the passenger side door of their HGV. These unseen road users can be hit if the truck changes lane in their direction.

DVSA says, “Even the latest HGVs with a full complement of six mirrors, in compliance with the latest EU directive, still have blind spots to the passenger side which are large enough to hide a family saloon car. The solution is to fit a special Fresnel lens.”
VOSA has conducted trials which have proven that by fitting Fresnel lenses to vehicles, both the frequency and the severity of “sideswipe” accidents is reduced.

Truck Mirror Lens Benefits

Multi-Vehicle Use – Trucks, Vans, Bus, Coach, RVs (Recreational Vehicle), SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) and Hatch-Backs.
Low Profile, Smallest Footprint Lens, No Window Obscurity
The Only ‘Peel Back’ Self-Adhesive Fresnel Lens available
Multi-Positional Lens Fits All Vehicle Types (LHD & RHD)
Easy to install in seconds
Strong Adhesive surround ensures the lens will not easily peel off when passing through the doors rubber weather seal

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Truck Blind Spot Lens Receives Excellent Feedback

Fresnel lenses are now accepted by Transport for London