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Trailer Susie Locks

February 20th, 2012 Comments off

Trailer Susie Locks For Imperial Tobacco

A Red Line Susie Lock Helps With Trailer Management & Keeps VOR Trailers Off The Road
Imperial Tobacco based in Nottingham required a system to prevent unauthorised trailer movement. Having scouted the world web they found a local supplier in aide automotive ltd.

Purchasing 20 Susie Locks from aide automotive Imperial Tobacco now can implement a system to keep trailer management for VOR or loading.

The Suzie Lock is a simple to fit trailer movement deterrent made from stainless steel incorporating an integrated lock. The Susie lock unit provides a key protected barrier to prevent coupling and restrict unauthorised trailer movement.

Prevents unauthorized trailer movements
Easy to apply and remove with key control
Robust stainless steel manufacture
Fits most standard trailer formats
Individual or keyed alike variations

SuzieLocks provide both an easy visual with physical barrier indication against the movement of trailers particularly for yard management of the trailer fleet. Its ease to operate and install onto the trailer coupling provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR (vehicle off road) trailers from unauthorised movement particularly when maintenance issues are at stake. It also provides a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft.

Contact aide automotive by clicking on Susie Lock to request a quantity quote for your trailer fleet.


Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock

Decelerometer, Decelerometer, Decelerometer

February 12th, 2012 Comments off

Brake Faults Most Common At the Roadside, says VOSA
Defective braking systems and components top the list of reasons for prohibitions issued by VOSA at the roadside and depot checks last year.

Nine percent of prohibitions for trucks and 20 percent of prohibitions for trailers were issued because of defective brakes.

The use of a regular deceleration test such as a BrakeCheck could help reduce brake faults and keep inspection sheet paper work in order.

BrakeCheck (decelerometer) can be used and is accepted by VOSA for many vehicles, in the commercial sector VOSA approve BrakeCheck for testing all commercial type vehicles on every inspection. BrakeCheck can be used on vehicles such as, fork lifts, construction / quarry vehicles, tractors and trailers.

This device has moved on significantly from the old mechanical testers such as Tapley Meters. Being electronic there is a much higher accuracy and additional information such as average deceleration, a left/right pull measurement, speed at braking and stopping distance. All tests are time and date stamped.

aide automotive ltd are a leading supplier of brake testing devices for Truck Inspections sheets Brake Tests.


Click on DECELEROMETER to enquire how a BrakeCheck can help you.