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Truck and Trailer Diagnostics

February 28th, 2011 No comments

Truck and Trailer Diagnostics are a crucial element in maintaining vehicles especially as the engines and electrics become increasingly sophisticated. Why do workshops  refer vehicles to main dealers for fault code reading when they can do it themselves?? Having a device that can do this will cut down unecessary costs and vehicle downtime!

By a small investment in a simple diagnostic tool, you can diagnose the fault code yourself and take away the middle man. Diagnosing the fault quickly and rectifying the problem!

Contact aide automotive to find out more on truck diagnostics or visit the aide automotive website for a full range of their automotive products.

Misfuelling Petrol in Diesel Car!

February 24th, 2011 No comments
Diesel Key is a popular product for many organisations as it’s a simple device that stops drivers putting petrol in Diesel cars. The device replaces the filler cap and prevents from accidentally putting the wrong fuel in a diesel filler neck. By making a small investment in Diesel Key you could be saving your organisation thousands of pounds in vehicle repairs and downtime because employees who normally drive petrol car have misfuelled their work vehicle by forgeting it takes Diesel.

Diesel Key is one of aide automotive  best sellers, Matthew Burke, Sales Director says “Diesel Key is one of our most popular products that we sell, the main reason being that companies know they will recoup the cost very quickly, by preventing against their employees putting petrol in a diesel car. The reason it sells so well is simple, it saves money! A small investment in Diesel Key stops a company having to pay out uneccessary vehicle repair costs when an employee misfuels a diesel car, that’s not to mention the costs from vehicle downtime while it’s repaired”

Most recently the following companies have been using Diesel Key.

Walkers Snacks have just started to fit Diesel Key to their fleet of 300 Sprinters.

Mercedes Dealers have seen the benefit of the product and are starting to offer it to their customer database.


Fuel contamination identified with Fuel Analyser!

February 20th, 2011 No comments

aide automotive have introduced a new device to quickly identify fuel contamination, the Fuel Analyser. This fuel diagnostic tool assists truck manufacturers by identifying fuel impurities, demonstrating that vehicle performance issues are the consequence of the use of contaminated or poor quality fuel.

When a trucks performance is questioned it has been difficult to demonstrate that issues have been created by poor or contaminated fuel. In the past truck manufacturers have had to send off fuel for laboratory testing to prove that the fuel is causing the problem and the vehicle is therefore not covered under it’s warranty. This has been both costly and time consuming. However the fuel analyser gives truck manufactures the ability to demonstrate this to their customers themselves.

Running vehicles on substandard fuel can cause long term performance issues such as filter plugging, injector choking, piston ring sticking and breaking.  Immediate identification of fuel contamination prevents further damage to the vehicle and gives vehicle manufacturers the assurance that the issues lie with the fuel and not the vehicle!

Fuel analyser is a hand held unit that gives real time analysis via a digital display screen of any impurities in the fuel such as vegetable oils or petrol. The kit comes with a USB cable, mains adapter, three 50ml measuring tubes, quickstart guide, full users manual and reporting software.

For Adblue contamination evidence try AdBlue filter papers to check for fuel contamination, contact aide automotive to find the best product for you.

Battery Testing for Heavy Duty Vehicles

February 10th, 2011 No comments

Battery Testing quickly confirms the efficiency of a vehicle’s battery and gives the owner a view to the functionality and life span of a battery. Companies with large heavy duty commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses need to ensure that the vehicle battery is working efficiently. Many companies test their brakes or tyre pressures before a vehicle inspection but why not a battery?  Completing a battery test before an inspection will give a view of the batteries long term functionality.

Once you determine the life of a battery, a business can plan and budget in their business plans to replace them.  Also by regularly recharging a battery prevents any breakdowns, which costs a business in time and money while their commercial vehicle is off the road

aide automotive have a couple of products that can provide this service. The Midtronics EXP1000HDBMP is suitable for Volvo, MAN, Iveco & Mercedes vehicles with the option of a warranty report.  It also has print out options so a record of the battery can be kept. Get in touch with aide automotive for full product information.

Or for a budget solution try the 24 Volt BatteryCheck for just £199.00 BatteryCheck is a small and compact high performance electronically controlled plug in battery charger and tester, in addition BatteryCheck is also a battery back while repairing or replacing electronic items within a vehicle. BatteryCheck’s will test a battery, the charge status and the functionality of the alternator in one simple process, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

Battery Testing for commercial vehicles

Battery Testing for commercial vehicles

Tyre Pressure Monitoring to become mandatory requirement of MOT Testing

February 3rd, 2011 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will become a mandatory element of the MOT testing from January 2012, all vehicles tyres will need to be tested as part of the inspection. This positive move from the industry recognises the importance from a health and safety prospective of testing the PSI of tyres regularly. Many companies are already considering TPM as part of their health and safety procedures, as ensuring tyres are the correct PSI for a vehicle can prevent serious accidents.

The industry is also making moves to include tyre pressure monitoring as a standard procedure, from 2012 all new vehicles will be fitted with tyre pressure monitors from 2012.

However if an organisation wants to ensure that their vehicles are safe on the roads, before this legislation kicks in, investment in tyre pressure monitor such as Pressure Pro or Air Alert will ensure tyres are correctly inflated and avoid unecessary accidents.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring device

Tyre Pressure Monitoring device