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Lee Lock The Pallet Truck Lock

January 28th, 2010 No comments

Lee Lock is a patented product to stop pallet trucks from rolling in the back of a truck and causing damage to the goods or the trucks curtain sides.

Lee Lock addresses a fairly widespread health and safety problem in a simple but ingenious way. And as fleet managers are becoming ever more concerned with the potential long-term costs of health and safety risks, the modest one-off price for the Lee Lock is a very attractive solution.

Pallet trucks are often left loose in the truck cargo area or lifted onto tyres, either way there is the potential of the pallet truck crashing into the goods or ripping the curtain side when the truck had to brake hard or goes over a speed hump.

Lee Lock is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into any goods or slashing the curtain side, and as the pallet truck slots into the Lee Lock there is no chance of any back injury by lifting the truck as would be required if using a tyre.

Lee Lock is the only pallet truck holder to 100% lock the pallet truck down, no risk of damage or employee injury.

To find out more click on aide automotive and contact us for more info via our contact page or go to Pallet Truck Lock.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring – Good Practice for any company!

January 25th, 2010 No comments


Kuehne and Nagel Ltd who recently purchased the product said “The product showed an increase in MPG and any air loss in the tyre,  we had a slow puncture on one of the tyres and the product highlighted this which saved us a breakdown / callout. Overall the product does what it says on the label “AirAlert”.


Waitrose have also seen the benefits of this simple and effective device and have purchased 1,000 Air Alerts to use across it’s fleet of vehicles.

To find out more about Air Alert follow Tyre Pressure Monitoring and get all the facts and product information



Maintain your batteries through the bad weather!

January 22nd, 2010 No comments

As britain is going through The Big Freeze maintaining vehicles becomes more important  to ensure that everything is working correctly. Employers don’t need stranded vehicles in cold wintery conditions because of issues such as flat batteries. Similarly in winter weather it’s vital to ensure that their vehicles are in top condition, regularly checking the condition of brakes and tyres can prevent accidents in icy conditions. There are a numberof  products on the market that assist through the winter.

If a company driver is stranded because the battery will not start the vehicle or simply batteries need charging to avoid them not working Check out these links to help fix battery issues

  • SOS Battery Booster restores Flat Batteries starting a battery from cold or dead.
  • Midtronics Battery Tester confirms a vehicle’s battery efficiency.
  • Battery Charging prolongs the life of a battery by keeping it fully charged at all times

To ensure your workforce are driving a safe vehicle in wintery conditions, tyres and brakes should be legal.

In Cab CCTV system provides evidence for Corporate Manslaughter Act

January 15th, 2010 No comments

Company bosses and owners need to give careful consideration to the corporate manslaughter bid. Companies should ensure they are collating evidence to demonstrate they are doing everything necessary to monitor health and safety standards. This Evidence is needed to  demonstrate driving standards are monitored and RTA’s (road traffic accidents) are reported for claims and data needed in courts.

The X-Driven Driving Recording System is a hand held portable camera system for any vehicle which acts as a witness for crime, theft or third party RTA’s. This device records will the time and location of any incident, displays video footage of the view through the windscreen and the speed at which the vehicle is traveling.

The X-Driven has two great uses it acts as a recorded witness in insurance claims, and is also the ideal method for observing the driving standard of fleet drivers.

I just purchased this excellent product from aide automotive, I’m so impressed with the information it provides me that I intend to purchase one for each of my entire fleet! Dave Webber, Webber Transport

Follow this link for full product details In Cab CCTV device

Mis Fuelling Device Diesel Key Recommended by Joedan Holdings Group

January 11th, 2010 No comments
In these difficult financial times businesses need to concentrate on all of the costs to their organisation. For an organisation that manages a fleet of vehicles misfuelling vehicles can impact negatively on a companys profitability.
If you have ever made the mistake of putting petrol in a diesel car aide automotive has the solution. For a small investment in Diesel Key our misfuelling device you can save a fortune in costly repairs. As one customer found out after purchasing Diesel Key for 13 of his vehicles,

We purchased from aide automotive after several incidents of mis fueling, for the cost of one of these incidents we have been able to fit diesel keys to our entire Mercedes fleet meaning we never have an issue again! The teams response to me was brilliant answering all my questions and supplying a really simple and effective product!” Dan Pardoe Group Purchasing Manager, Joedan Holdings Group

Click Misfuelling to find out more




Fuel Theft figures surely set to rise with Diesel Price Hike

January 8th, 2010 No comments
Aliastar Darling has decided to increase the price of Diesel increasing it’s value as a commodity. 2009 saw increasing cases of fuel theft in the UK, as Diesel prices soared it became a valuable commodity for thieves to siphon fuel from vehicles. The same is bound to happen this year when prices are increased.

However for those companies that purchase anti-fuel theft devices for their vehicles this shouldn’t be an issue.

We offer a range of fuel theft devices that cover a range of different vehicles. Just click fuel theft devices and check out our product pages to see which is the relevant one for you.

These high quality devices prevent the theft of fuel from vehicles potentially saving companies thousands of pounds in stolen fuel, the cost of refilling vehicles once it’s stolen and vehicle downtime while the problem is resolved.

aide automotive offers a range of anti-syphon devices.


Brake Testing essential to avoid serious accidents

January 5th, 2010 No comments

A Grimbsby Haulier has been fined £2,000 for having illegal brakes on a vehicle after one of their lorries crashed into a vehicle and causing a fatality two years ago. The company had originally pleaded not guilty but a change in plea was lodged last year.


Faulty brakes can cause serious accidents if not checked on a regular basis. BrakeCheck is a battery powered device that can be used to test and report on vehicle braking efficiency. BrakeCheck is VOSA and MOT approved. In a situation like the above it will be easy to demonstrate from print outs that the brakes have been tested on a regular basis


Click BrakeCheck for full product details

ABS Fault Finding

January 5th, 2010 Comments off

aide automotive have seen an increase in sales on the ABS Tester for trucks and trailers in the last 2 months.

Commenting on this Matthew Burke said “A lot of operators do not have any truck diagnostic tools, so the ABS Tester is an ideal cost effective tool to clear ABS or EBS faults on trucks and trailers. This product is easy to use and is 100% universal with all sensors.”

To Read more about the ABS Tester click on the link.