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Tyre Pressure Monitors

August 31st, 2009 No comments

Motor Caravan magazine  realise the importance of a good tyre pressure monitor by featuring the Air Alert in their competition give aways.  Air Alert takes the guesswork out of monitoring the pressure of a vehicles tyres by alerting the driver to a drop in the recommended PSI.

aide automotive has two tyre pressure monitors that will assist. To view our full range of automotive products visit aideautomotive

Father & Son convicted for Fuel Theft

August 26th, 2009 No comments
A father and son worked together to steal more than £17,000 worth of diesel from a Spalding transport company.
Browns Transport became suspicious of Darren Barkworth because he was using a lot of diesel. The police were contacted and in the early hours of March 16 they saw Darren Barkworth stop his lorry in a layby at Bicker. He got out and walked around the lorry before doing a U-turn and heading back towards Donington. Police checked the layby and found three drums full of diesel.
A few hours later police saw Gordon Barkworth collect the drums. He was stopped and three 25-litre drums filled with diesel and siphoning equipment were found in his car.
This employee theft could have been stopped by fitting a TP Anti Syph or FuelKeep, aide automotive have sold thousands of devices to stop fuel theft.

ISOCheck Sells Like Hot Cakes

August 20th, 2009 No comments

Since the introduction of the ISOCheck to aide automotive product range, sales have increased each day.

Companies wishing to purchase this product include, DHL, Derek Linch Transport, TDG, Alex Aiken & Son, WH Malcolm and S.H Pratt & Co (Bananas) Limited.

Many other companies have show interest in the product with sales currently at 75 +.

The ISOCheck Test Lead is designed with a ring of bright LED’s, with a correct operating system a ring of GREEN LED’s will light, enabling any manager or driver to easily see if the system is operational, a ring of RED LED’s indicates a fault.

To test, simply plug into the ISO socket on the tractor, if GREEN then turn the lead around and plug into the trailer, this will indicate if a fault lies with the tractor or the trailer.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring for all new cars 2012

August 17th, 2009 No comments

From 2012 all cars in Europe will have tpms as a standard fixture. The European Commission has  introduced this as standard to try and reduce the number of accidents caused by tyre blow-outs and to encourage greener driving.

TPMS alerts drivers to under-inflated tyres on a vehicle.

The Correct tyre pressure on car reduces the risk of accident, reduces fuel consumption and prolongs tyres lifes.

However if you have a car without these new systems included you can still manage your tyre pressure effectively with a tyre pressure monitor.

Visit aideautomotive for more details

Good Coverage for Tyre Pressure Monitor

August 12th, 2009 No comments

aide automotive’s tyre pressure monitor has just received coverage in two magazines. Caravan magazine gave away Air Alert to competition winners, as it’s a great product to check the tyre pressure on Caravans.  Then New Car Net also gave away Air Alert to it’s readers too.

SportsDirect purchase over 100 anti-syphs

August 7th, 2009 No comments

Sportsdirect has fitted its 60 heavy goods vehicles with the TP anti-siphon as a deterrent against thieves looking to steal diesel from their vehicles. These devices stop the theft from fuel tanks by organised gangs.

Colin Ellis the transport supervisor says that the amount of capital the devices cost “is relatively small compared to the amount of diesel that can be lost over a large fleet over its lifetime”.


Find out more about this product at TP anti-syph

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

August 3rd, 2009 No comments

aide automotive has two tyre pressure monitors that assist companies in ensuring their vehicles have the correct tyre pressure.  If tyres are either over or under inflated their is a huge risk of employees having an accident, so a tyre pressure monitor is a essential item to ensure the driving workforce is safe. For a small investment in either PressurePro or Air Alert a company can soon reap back the cost as vehicles function more efficently if tyres are at the correct PSI.