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Caravan Electrical Tester

April 25th, 2011 Comments off

Testing a caravans electrics is of major importance for road safety.

Following the winter holiday break caravans should be serviced and checked before starting out for the Easter holidays.

With the CET Caravan Electrical Tester you can check your electrics prior t starting out on the road.

Make sure your caravan is legal and road worthy.

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Misfuelling a Diesel Car with Petrol!

April 20th, 2011 No comments

Misfuelling a petrol car with diesel is a common problem, so much so Coronation Street used it as a storyline recenty.  Many drivers put petrol in a diesel car, so Coronation Street used it as a story line for taxi business owner Steve Mcdonald.  He was so distracted by other things going on in his life that he put petrol in the tank of his diesel vehicle. This cost him money in terms of repairing the car and the vehicle downtime!

Many drivers make this costly mistake, especially ones that switch between petrol and diesel vehicles for work and personal use. A cost effective device such as Diesel Key is the answer.  The device fits on the neck of your petrol tank and will not allow a petrol nozzle to be inserted.

aide automotive offers a range of automotive products

Misfuelling Device

Misfuelling Device

12 volt Trailer Tester

April 19th, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive are to introduce a new Trailer Light Tester for the agricultrial and trailer market.

This tester is integrated with a 12 V power pack and air compressor.

With a cable long enough to move to the back of the trailer, a rotary switch will switch between each lighting circuit for a visible check. A self resetting trip if a short is found on a circuit this tester is a ideal cost effective tester for all 12 volt trailers.

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Car Fuel Theft

April 14th, 2011 No comments

Following many calls to protect cars from fuel theft, we can offer a solution as described below:


The Conical Spring has been used to great effect within the light commercial sector for many years, this device is the only reasonable solution we can offer the car market.


This email will in best describe the product  / system so that you can make your own judgemental view if the spring will suit your car or requirements. aide automotive do not offer any refund or returns policy if this product does not work for your particular vehicle.


We firstly advise you to review  with your local garage or manufacturer if the Conical spring can be fitted to the fuel neck  / entry to the fuel tank. The Spring is supplied 360 mm in length, this can be cut down to a required length.


As it’s a conical spring the end diameter is 55mm. See attached document for a picture.


The idea is that the spring is sent into the filler neck and lodges when the diameter is larger than the internal diameter of the filler neck, the spring will sit tight tin the neck making very hard to be removed. As it’s a curled spring fuel will be able to flow into the tank while re fuelling.


Once you have decided the correct amount of spring to be used any excess is cut off with a practical saw.


Examples of use –


Ford Transit – The whole spring is pushed into the neck until full compression, a small amount is cut off and the spring is lodged behind the entry.


Iveco Daily – A small amount of the spring was used to be situated at the entry to the fuel tank in the plastic pipe.


Landrover  Defender – Roughly half the spring was used and pushed into the entry, compressing and holding in place.


Once you have discussed this with a car garage or your manufacturer and if you wish to purchase we can take payment via credit  or debit cards.


We hope this helps and please if you do proceed offer feedback on fitting or use.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring improves fuel efficency

April 12th, 2011 No comments
Tyre pressure monitoring increases fuel efficency by 3% according to Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis. Appearing on the Jeremy Vine Show last Friday, the finance expert was talking about how to increase fuel efficency in a time of soaring petrol costs.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring was one of his top tips to improve the efficent running of your vehicle.  Martin Lewis said

Lower tyre pressure increases the drag on a car meaning you need more fuel, so regularly check the pressures are correct and your car needs less oomph to keep it moving.

Investing in a tyre pressure monitor such as PressurePro or Air Alert means you can constantly monitor the tyre pressure of your vehicle, ensuring each tyre is the correct PSI for your vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring improves fuel efficency

Tyre Pressure Monitoring improves fuel efficency

Trailer ABS Tester Truck

April 4th, 2011 Comments off

ABS Tester Acquires Royalty

Following a trial purchase Royal Mail have since purchased 29 EBS/ABS Sensor Testers for use within each workshop.

Using the Sensor Tester to check a sensor, the gap and exciter ring Royal Mail found they were able to easily and cost effectively repair warning lights faults on trucks and trailers without the need for expensive diagnostics tools or dealer trips.

All workshops requires fast, accurate and effective tools to diagnose faults easily and quickly. A high percentage of brake EBS/ABS faults are around the sensor or the sensor itself.

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