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Truck ABS Sensor Master

February 19th, 2013 Comments off

aide automotive knows that workshops requires fast, accurate and effective tools to diagnose faults easily and quickly. A high percentage of brake EBS/ABS faults are around the sensor or the sensor itself.

The EBS/ABS Sensor Master is an easy to use device which will confirm each EBS/ABS sensor is operational and effective. By connecting to the sensor socket on each wheel, individual sensor faults can easily be identified. The Master also tests the exciter ring and the distance between the ring and sensor.

The Master is the ideal tool for any user, from an apprentice to a time served fitter, or a busy workshop. Quickly identifying and clearing the fault can save time and money, rather than calling in a dealer or diagnostic expert.

Using the Sensor Tester to check a sensor, the gap and exciter ring Royal Mail found they were able to easily and cost effectively repair warning lights faults on trucks and trailers without the need for expensive diagnostics tools or dealer trips.

aide automotives sales director said “The ABS Sensor Master has been an excellent product for cost effective ABS repairs of trucks and trailers for many years, I recall customer comments of this ABS test tool saving thousands in dealer fees and quick repairs with the vehicle quickly back on the road.”

To purchase a ABS Sensor Master please call 0115 8456471.


Truck Trailer ABS Sensor Master

Sensor Tester for ABS or EBS

Fuel theft stopped at Starmer Transport

February 6th, 2013 Comments off

aide automotive recently supplied Anti Syphon Devices to Starmer Transport.

TP Anti Syph is a high quality device that helps to prevent the theft of fuel from commercial vehicles.

TP Anti Syph and FuelKeep Value are two cost effective products to stop quick siphoning of fuel from truck tanks.

Tony stated “to prevent fuel theft from our fleet of truck we purchased Anti Siphon devices from aide automotive. The service was second to none”.

Following recent fuel thefts in Wales, Detective Inspector Matthew Sedgebeer said: “What is most worrying is some thieves are syphoning from the petrol tank of a lorry while the driver is sleeping in the cab. We are aware of hot spot areas and will be taking action against those caught stealing fuel.”

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