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Misfuelling Petrol Cars with Diesel – not covered by many policies!

September 29th, 2010 No comments
Misfuelling, by putting petrol in a diesel car is not covered by almost a quarter of breakdown insurance policies. Recent analysis by Insurance company, Defaqto showed that 23 % of motor breakdown policies excluded cover if you fill your car up with the wrong fuel!
Mike Powell, insight analyst for general insurance at Defaqto said: “Drivers putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle not only face a huge repair bill but may also find that their breakdown policy doesn’t provide cover for their vehicle to be towed to a garage. Even those motor breakdown policies that do cover such an eventuality will tend to find that the extent of the coverage is limited to towing the car to a garage or to their destination. Our analysis found that 23% of motor breakdown policies don’t cover breakdown following misfuelling and, in such cases, if the breakdown company appears, the motorist will most likely face an additional charge for having the vehicle towed to a garage.”
This is a costly mistake for any motorists and it’s a common problem. The AA report that every year over 100,000 motorists misfuel and that fuel problems are one of the ten most common problems dealt with by their breakdown vehicles.

The most economical solution to this problem is a small investment in a product called Diesel Key. This smart little gadget that is a direct replacement for a filler cap; simply unscrew and remove the cap, and then screw the Diesel Key device in its place, proceed as normal to refuel with a diesel nozzle. Once the diesel nozzle is inserted the device will accept the nozzle and open up an internal latch to let fuel flow to the tank. If a petrol nozzle was entered it would butt up against the device, will not open the latch and quickly alert the wrong nozzle is being used.

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Misfueling diesel car with petrol - Diesel Key is the answer

Misfueling diesel car with petrol - Diesel Key is the answer

Lanesafe is a simple device to prevent accidents abroad

September 28th, 2010 No comments

Ever driven on the wrong side of the road whilst travelling abroad? Each year thousands of accidents are caused by drivers driving on the wrong side of the road.

 There is a product that acts as a preventative measure, Lanesafe®.   Lanesafe®  is a compact battery-powered device which attaches to the inside lower part of a vehicle’s windscreen. It projects a large green and red “head up display”, constantly reminding the driver what side of the road they should be driving on.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Crucial as we hit the Winter Months

September 26th, 2010 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring should be an essential vehicle check as we enter the winter months. Continental Tyres is pushing the need to check tyres with it’s European winter tyre law on its website. It believes some UK and Irish truck and coach operators risk running the wrong tyres unless they know the rules as the run onto the European mainland. “With the approach of winter this is obviously more important.” The guide also explains the safety benefits from using winter tyres. “The effect on stopping distances alone is important; winter tyres can cut this by an artic length.” says a representative from Continental Tyres.

Drivers also need to ensure that they are operating on the correct tyre pressue throughout these months too. PressurePro an excellent tyre pressure monitor device enables a driver to check they’re running their tyres at the correct PSI. Have correctly inflated tyres reduces the chance of a blow out significantly, something to be avoided in icy weather!

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Check tyres have correct tyre pressure with PressurePro

Check tyres have correct tyre pressure with PressurePro

VOSA Gets Tough

September 16th, 2010 No comments

Brake Testing becomes an essential part of vehicle maintenance as VOSA  gets tough new powers to seize vehicles in a bid to crack down on illegal bus and limousine operators.   This brings  the rules on public service vehicles into line with those for trucks, which take brake tests seriously.  “Illegal bus, coach and limousine operators put the safety of their passengers and other road users at risk as well as creating unfair competition for law abiding businesses,” said Paul Clark, road safety minister.  “These new powers show that we are determined to force cowboy operators off the road.”  By regularly checking the brakes on these vehicles  will enable operators to demonstrate these checks to VOSA. BrakeCheck enables a vehicle operator to check the vehicles brakes and demonstrate to VOSA that these Brake Checks have been done!

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Brake Tester

Brake Tester

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will become a permanent feature for all new vehicles

September 9th, 2010 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will be a compulsory feature of any new car from 2012. European legislation states that new cars will be fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With many modern vehicles already being fitted with them it’s surprising that more people aren’t using tyre pressure monitors on their vehicles.

Kwik Fit’s 2008 Annual Tyre Pressure Review found just over 46 per cent of cars tested had at least one tyre underinflated. If this ratio is applied to the number of UK registrations, a staggering 12.46 million cars could be running on the roads like this, using £1.5 billion pounds of extra fuel and creating literally thousands of extra tons of carbon emissions. That 30 per cent extra tyre wear also means that an unnecessary 108,000 tyres each year have to be manufactured and disposed of too.

By using a tyre pressure monitor like PressurePro you’d be greatly reducing the chances of a blow out, increasing the efficent running of your vehicle and expanding the lifespan of a tyre

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

ECU Code Reader For Trailers

September 6th, 2010 No comments

TrailerCheck is fast becoming a popular test kit for commercial workshops around the UK.

Matthew Burke of aide automotive stated “We see new enquiries every day for this product and increasing numbers, workshops seem to be looking to improve on test equipment and to keep on top of vehicle maintenance as a proactive approach rather than a have to approach. A forgotten diagsnostic cover is commercial trailers, with trucks being scanned for faults codes on servicing workshops  are now seeing the benefit of reading trailer ABS and EBS codes. TrailerCheck II With Code Reader is the ideal cost effective diagnostic tool for trailers that is simple to use and rugged for any workshop.”

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Diagnostic Code Reader for ABS and EBS ECU Fault Reading

Diagnostic Code Reader for ABS and EBS ECU Fault Reading