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Truck Battery Booster

December 14th, 2012 Comments off

aide automotive strive to offer quality equipment that’s the best of it’s kind whatever the product. Battery Boosters are offered from many suppliers, but are all products of this type effective?

The SOS Battery Booster will start engines when cold or dead flat.

As we enter the winter months and some potentially awful weather the strain upon batteries is greater than in the summer months. Drivers rely on lights and heaters to assist them on their journey, which means greater utilisation of a vehicle’s battery. This can easily result in batteries dropping below the necessary voltage to start the vehicle. If this results in a vehicle breakdown A vehicle breakdown the knock on effect for a business could be late deliveries and expensive call outs.

Our commercial vehicle boosters are able to start heavy plant engines up to 1500HP which have been stationary for long periods, in extreme weather conditions and without batteries.

Developed from aerospace technology, the range offers a whole host of benefits when compared to traditional “Boosting” products, these include extra long Radaflex ® cables, electronic protection and internal fusing. With the highest cranking amps and peak amps capacity on the market the SOS Boosters offers a high quality battery booster, its ergonomic design makes storing and handling very easy.

aide automotive offer 12 & 24 volt battery boosters with a range of amps specifications.

AdBlue Contaminated With Diesel

December 6th, 2012 Comments off

aide automotive recently supplied Bedford Fire Service with the AdBlue Anti Contamination Cap. Following an incident of contamination, Bedford Fire decided to reduce the risk of further issues and fitted the AdBlue Cap to Volvo vehicles.

It only takes a small amount of contamination which affects the SCR systems dosing unit and catalytic converter which can put your truck in limp mode requiring a full reset.

The AdBlue Cap has been designed so that if you do try to put Diesel into the Cap and any Diesel is released, it will run off through the drain off holes and no diesel can enter the AdBlue tank. This cap will also stop any debris from entering the AdBlue Tank.

Diesel contamination of an AdBlue truck tank can have major effects to a trucks SCR system which in some cases validates warranty and incurs lengthy downtime. To read more about the AdBlue Cap, click on AdBlue Anti Contamination Cap to go the products website.

You can also call 0115 8456471 to ask questions to our sales team.

Diesel Contamination of AdBlue

SCR Anti Contamination Cap