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Brake Light Check Features in Coach & Bus Publication

June 30th, 2009 No comments

aide automotive’s Brake Light Check has featured in the Coach & Bus publication recently.

The BLC is an ideal easy way of checking brake lights are operational, simple to install and cost effective at £34.95 + VAT the BLC is ideal for any vehicle.

Read more by clicking here.

Brake Check saves money

June 26th, 2009 No comments

By purchasing BrakeCheck organisations will save money on brake testing, see a recent comment from  MSK Waste Management and Recycling

Delivery of BrakeCheck and printer were received the next day following our order.

We have a fleet of 30 HGV vehicles all of which were submitted for voluntary brake checks prior to annual mot at a cost of £61.00 + VAT per vehicle, totalling £1830.00 per annum

We aquired the BrakeCheck and printer from yourselfs for £505.00 + VAT giving MSK a average Annual saving for the 1st year of £1300.00.

Follow this link for more information on BrakeCheck or visit aideautomotive for our full product range The New BrakeCheck Website

June 26th, 2009 No comments

aide automotive have released a web site dedicated to the BrakeCheck decelerometer.
BrakeCheck is ideal for any commercial vehicle operator or repairer to complete the often requested inspection sheet brake test.
BrakeCheck has no connection to the vehicle, simply position the brake tester in the vehicle, arm for test, accelerate to 20KPH and activate a controlled emergency stop. Once the vehicle has come to rest the Peak & Average deceleration is recorded with the extra benefit of a left and right pull measurement. Brake Efficiency is usual word for Peak Deceleration.
VOSA recommend decelerometers for all commercial vehicle inspection sheet brake tests!

Richard Dixon of VOSA – Statement On Inspection Brake Testing

If an operator conducts a decelerometer test on the vehicle during inspections then as a Vehicle Examiner I would be quite happy that an efficiency check of some kind had been conducted.

As VOSA increases roadside checks – The ISOCheck is the device to check Truck & Trailer ABS Or EBS Braking Systems

June 25th, 2009 No comments

As VOSA increases it’s road side checks of commercial vehicles. Operators cannot ignore ABS warnings if they want to avoid a PG9.


The ISOCheck Test Lead quickly confirms the correct information is being supplied from the unit to the trailer and from the trailer to the unit.



A double decker trailer with a defective EBS system is a major hazard; a defective system would vastly increase the chances of roll over or jack-knifes.


Find out more about the ISOCheck Test or more products from aide automotive.


Only £89 +VAT

X-Driven Proves Who is a Safe Driver

June 24th, 2009 No comments

Gloucestershire Council released a statement on their website highlighting Safe Driving while at work.

There is a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to ensure as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. Employers and employees also have a duty to ensure that others are not put at risk by work related driving activities.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 also apply and require that risk assessment are undertaken for activities with significant risks, and that effective management controls are put in place and implemented.

When considering driving safety there are also a number of road traffic laws to take into account, including the Road Traffic Act.

This document details how managers should manage occupational driving and details staff (driver) responsibilities. It explains the processes to be followed in evaluating the risks associated with driving at work and the control measures that need to be in place to mitigate those risks, which include driver familiarisation and training, driver documentation checking etc.

X-Driven is an ideal tool to prove who is a Safe Driver, simply sitting on your dashboard or attaching to your windscreen the X-Driven is powered by the cigarette lighter or can be fully wired into the vehicle cab. The X-Driven will record and store data for any sudden ‘shock’ movements such as harsh braking, vehicle impacts or excessive acceleration. The X-Driven can also be dismounted and carried to record damage at the rear of the vehicle or general accident information such as loading or delivering damage.

aide automotive ltd promote safe driving through all its own fleet and UK companies.

Fuel Theft from Cars is Increasing Reports Automotive Organisations

June 21st, 2009 No comments

Reports are increasing of thefts of fuel from vehicles across the UK. Recently the RAC have reported a major increase in fuel theft from cars and light commercial vans.

“There has been a 500% increase in call-outs to fuel thefts from cars throughout Greater London, and nearly every other region of England has seen a rise of more than 50% since January”, the RAC said.

aide automotive ltd has been involved with the fuel theft problem for many years, Matthew Burke founder of aide automotive ltd states ” back in 2001 a coach operator advised me that fuel was stolen weekly. Not having any product to offer the customer I looked at what I could invent to counteract this theft. After discussions with a local engineer, we came up with an anti siphoning device to suit buses. We then found that this fuel theft problem was a common occurrence and hauliers were also finding fuel theft was affecting their business.  Since then aide automotive ltd have introduced a variety of anti siphon devices for trucks, buses, coaches, vans and now cars!

With many commercial anti syphon devices sold in the UK, aide automotive ltd have also seen a requirement for anti siphon devices for cars and vans. With this we are proud to announce a new device for diesel cars and vans. Our latest device will help prevent fuel theft from a diesel car or van and also stop the major problem of misfuelling.

Mis fuelling is reported to take place once every 3 and a half minutes, and with the high cost and inconvenience of a diesel engine being filled with petrol, this device will cut out expensive repair costs and vehicle downtime.

Car fuel theft will increase as long as fuel prices increase, so for a small investment of around £50 reduces, loss and downtime inconvenience.  Protecting a car’s or van’s fuel is a wise move.

Recent Health and Safety at Work Case highlights that Tyre Pressure Monitoring is crucial

June 19th, 2009 No comments

The BBC recently reported on a fine of £6,650 under the Health and Safety at Work Act following the death of a farm worker in a quad bike accident in the Scottish Borders. Grant Shannon, 34, died on Kelloe Mains Farm near Duns on 14 June 2007.


The Health and Safety Executive said Mr Shannon’s death could “easily have been prevented” and stressed the need to properly maintain such equipment. 


There were a number of health and safety issues but the most serious identified was incorrect tyre pressure.


The company admitted charges under the Health and Safety at Work Act for “failure to provide and maintain plant (ATV) that was, so far as reasonably practicable, safe”.


Inspector Gillian McLean said: “Mr Shannon’s death could easily have been prevented.” If it had been checked that the vehicle was in “good mechanical condition”.


aide automotive supplies two tyre pressure monitors that for a small investment can save lives and avoid the cost of being fined or even imprisoned for breaches in Health and Safety. PressurePro and Air Alert take the guesswork of determining the correct tyre pressure of your vehicles


Visit aide for full details of all our products.

Police’s £1m misfuelling bill

June 18th, 2009 Comments off

We’ve all had it: that horrible, creeping realisation at the petrol pump that you’re merrily filling your car with unleaded… when it takes diesel. Or vice versa. The moment when you can’t quite release your grip on the trigger, even as the wrong fuel tips agonisingly into the tank. Sound familiar?

Well, no matter how many times you’ve done it, you’re still miles behind Her Majesty’s Police Force. An investigation by the Daily Mirror has found that ‘bungling cops’ – there’s a Mirror phrase if ever we heard one – wasted over £1 million by filling police cars with the wrong fuel over the last three years.

That’s £6,500 a week. All for mixing up the big red pump and the big green pump.

The Mirror’s investigation found that police misfuelled almost 5,000 vehicles in three years, with the Metropolitan force the worst offenders: London’s brightest bobbies managed to fill up with the wrong fuel on 671 occasions.

Since big yellow stickers haven’t helped – the North Wales police force managed to misfuel 39 times despite bright yellow ‘DIESEL’ labels on their fuel caps – we thought we’d throw this one out to you: anyone got any helpful hints to help the befuddled police put the right fuel in their jam sandwiches?

Source :

Misfuelling is one of the most common driver mistakes in the UK, with over 150,000 people filling their diesel with petrol in the last year.

Brake Tester Special Offer

June 18th, 2009 No comments

aide automotive are pleased to offer a special purchase price for our excellent brake tester BrakeCheck.

Sales of BrakeCheck have grown since 2002 to a massive 8000 plus testers sold, making BrakeCheck the number ONE decelerometer in the UK.

With many bus & coach companies from small to national operators purchasing BrakeCheck to complete an inspection sheet brake test, aide automotive are pleased to offer a special deal for a BrakeCheck when purchased with a printer.

So for June 09 only you can buy a BrakeCheck for just £274.00 (list price (£349.00) when purchased in conjuction with a printer at a list price of £145.00.

To take up on this great offer phone 0115 8456471 and quote promotional code 6BC09.

All prices exclude carriage & VAT.

Misfuelling can happen to anyone – here is how to prevent it.

June 16th, 2009 No comments

With the number of vehicles on the road today it’s not surprising to know that it’s now common to find more people having the misfortune of misfuelling their diesel cars.

The misfuelling of Diesel cars is not only a misfortunate event but also a costly one, often not covered by your insurance company.

Misfuelling your Diesel car doesn’t just mean that you need to have your fuel tank emptied – it can be much worse than that.  In the worst case scenario you could find yourself replacing nearly the entire fuelling system of your vehicle as certain parts can end up getting damaged beyond repair.

Misfuelling now affects nearly 150,000 people a year – imagine how costly the repair of 150,000 car engines is!  You might wonder why so many people put the wrong fuel in their car.  The simple fact is that it’s an easy mistake to make, and can happen after only a single moment of a lapse In concentration.

Thankfully, Diesel car owners will now be pleased to know that there are now a number of products on the market to help prevent you putting petrol into your Diesel car.  The main reason behind misfuelling is that the petrol nozzle is much smaller than the diesel nozzle, and so fits easily into the neck of the fuel tank.

Some devices on the market just act as a visual or audible warning when the fuel cap is opened, where as others actual fit on top of the fuel neck and actually prevent the petrol fuel nozzle from being inserted into the vehicle.

If you own a diesel car and don’t yet have a misfuelling device then I would highly recommend it.  We all think that misfuelling is something that happens to someone else, but in reality it could happen to anyone – even you.