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Suzie Trailer Locks for NHS

October 16th, 2012

Trailer Susie Locks are an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

Ths NHS recently purchased a number of locks for the Somerset depot and has been pleased with the product and aide automotives service.

Robert Woollen of the NHS Supply Chain commented “The Susie Locks arrived promptly and I am happy with them. The six I ordered covered our immediate requirements, as and when we require further units or associated items I will give you a call.”

If you need to manage VOR trailers then this lock is an ideal cost effective tool, using a number plate style VOR sign, trailers have been known to be used as this doesn’t stop people from hooking up to a tractor unit.

As the Lock is easy to operate and install, this lock provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from being moved or returned to road duty. Trailer Red Line locks also provide a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft

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Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock

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