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AdBlue Cap – Our product of the month

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

Mis fuelling a trucks AdBlue Tank with diesel could have catastrophic effects, it only takes 5ml of Diesel to 20 litres of AdBlue in the AdBlue tank to turn it into a harmful paste.

It only takes a small amount of contamination which can put a truck in limp mode requiring a full reset. AdBlue Contamination leads to vehicle repairs, vehicle recovery, driver downtime and damage to a company’s image from dissatisfied customers.

Bedford Fire Service had a AdBlue contamination issue which resulted in a £8000 repair bill, following this incident of contamination Bedford Fire decided to reduce the risk of further issues and fitted the AdBlue Cap to Volvo Fire Truck Appliances.

AdBlue Cap is an Anti Contamination Cap of diesel for a Truck or Agricultural tractors AdBlue Tank.

The AdBlue Cap is supplied in two sizes, 58 (Mercedes, DAF, MAN) and 77mm (Volvo, Scania (requires an adaptor), Renault, Iveco).

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Palllet Truck Lock Added to Cartwright Trailers

July 17th, 2013 Comments off

aide automotive have recently supplied Cartwright Bros a UK leading commercial trailer supplier with four Pallet Truck Locks.

The Pallet Truck Locks are specified in all new trailers build by a prominent leading European transport company.

Pallet Truck Lock  – Lee Lock addresses a fairly widespread health and safety problem in a simple but ingenious way. As fleet managers are becoming increasingly concerned with the potential long-term costs of health and safety risks, the modest one-off price for the Lee Lock is an attractive solution.

Lee Lock is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets, slashing the curtain side and as the pallet truck slots into the lock there’s no chance of any back injury  from lifting.

Contact aide automotive to see how Lee Lock the pallet truck lock can help your business.


Pallet Truck Lock

Fuel Thefts in Hounslow

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

Hounslow has been reported as the worst London borough for Fuel Theft from vehicles.

This information is based on figures obtained from the Metropolitan Police.

The West London borough had a total of 175 reports between 2009 and 2012, but only five prosecutions.

Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and Merton also emerge in the top five boroughs for Fuel Theft.

The Met said the majority of thefts were from commercial haulage vehicles which were prominent in Hounslow.

It said the area served both Heathrow Airport and Central London and advised that parking goods vehicles in areas with good lighting and CCTV was the most effective way of reducing opportunities for thieves to syphon diesel.

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Anti Siphon Device for Trucks, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, Renault

Stop Fuel Theft WIth a Low Cost Anti Siphon Device

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PSV Anti Fuel Theft Prevention

July 4th, 2013 Comments off

Bayliss Travel recently purchased a range of PSV Anti Fuel Theft Prevention devices from aide automotive ltd.

Bus & coach operators are reporting an increase in fuel stolen while vehicles are parked in yards and depots overnight; with tanks full for the next days work the thieves can syphon tens of litres quickly and quietly.

With the spiralling cost of fuel, police have issued a warning to business owners to ensure fuel is kept as secure as possible.

Relatively easy to fit,  PSV Anti Syphon Devices are a payback investment against stolen diesel fuel.

For coaches with minimal clearance between the body and filler neck, we can offer a Lo Profile version.

Matthew Burke Point out “The fuel prices rise and so does the theft of fuel. Fitting any fuel theft prevention product is a way of helping to reduce this problem. Our Anti Siphon products are easy to fit and on PSV’s  reduce the possibility of theft to more or less zero.”


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Anti Siphon Device For Buses Or PSV

Anti Siphon Device to Stop Fuel Theft From Buses, Coaches Or PSV