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Prevent Diesel Splash & Spill With Splash Stop

March 29th, 2017 Comments off

Diesel Fuel Splash & Spill Prevention

aide introduce Splash Stop For The TP Diesel Anti Siphon Range

aide automotive would like to introduce you to a NEW accessory for the HGV Anti Siphon product range “Splash Stop”

Following consultations with drivers and customers to discover ways of improving the anti-siphon range, it quickly became apparent that fuel splash back was a major irritation to drivers and fuel spills to managers.

With this we can now offer a Splash Stop Accessory for the Truck Protection Anti Siphon product range.

Tested and approved by drivers this simple innovation prevents fuel splash while re fueling on hands, clothes & the truck body.

Driver comment “It works brilliantly, such a simple solution to an age old problem. For all of us that take pride in our trucks it simply is a must have I recommend it. Stefan”

Splash Stop is fitted permanently if using a non lockable cap, with lockable caps the Splash Stop requires to be removed.

Priced at £4.99 + vat you can order now for fitted siphons or purchase with new orders. Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471


Truck Anti Siphon Accessory

HGV Diesel Fuel Splash & Spill Prevention

Truck & Trailer Brake Testing With An Infra Red Gun

March 22nd, 2017 Comments off

For Christmas 2016 aide automotive are offering a GIVE AWAY deal!

We have 4 Infra Red Temperature Guns to Give Away via a simple question.
Firstly though; Why An Infra Red Temp Gun??
Infra Red Temperature guns are a excellent Brake Tester for checking individual wheel disks or drums to determine brake activation.
We have heard that the DVSA often recommend the use of Infra Red Temperature Guns and see them as good practice in any Commercial Vehicle Fleet or Truck Workshop.
With the ease of just pointing the Infra Red Light at the wheel hub from the outer edge of a trailer or truck and without removing wheels, an infra Red Temp Gun can indicate if a wheel is not braking efficiently as compared to the other wheels on the vehicle.
We have reports of one Truck Driver stating “Been stopped about 10 times in my driving career over 30 years, the last time, he pointed a thermometer at my wheel hubs & explained to me that one was running cool, meaning that is wasn’t doing its job, I was amazed by the technology, didn’t realise that you could get a temperature reading with a laser/infrared light without even touching the hub. Got the workshop to adjust the brakes when I got back to the yard”
So if you want an early Christmas pressie, email us on with the answer to this question.
The DVSA Now recommend 4 Commercial Vehicle Brake tests per year using an RBT or decelerometer; whats does RBT stand for?
DVSA Method Of Road Side Truck Brake Check

Use An Infra Red Temp Gun For Brake Testing

ISOCheck ISO7638 EBS & ABS Tester

March 15th, 2017 Comments off

ISOCheck Re Launch Coming Soon!

Prices Now Released For ISOCheck

aide automotive ltd will relaunch the latest version of the ISOCheck soon.

The latest ISOCheck EBS will test pins 1 to 5 and EBS 6 & 7!!

ISOCheck will be available in three lead options:

ISOCheck – ABS – Tests ABS Systems Pins 1 to 5

ISOCheck – EBS – Tests ABS Systems Pins 1 to 7

ISOCheck EBS Plus – EBS Plus Will Pin Point The Pin that is at fault, Pins 1 to 7

With the latest electronics technology and a redesigned PCB, this ISOCheck has the ability to move forward with trailer technology and future truck & trailer brake systems.

ISOCheck Pricing

ISOCheck – ABS – £139.00

ISOCheck – EBS – £149.00

ISOCheck EBS Plus – £199.00

All plus carriage & VAT.

Contact aide automotive for any questions via email – or phone 0115 8456471


Truck ISO7638 EBS & ABS Tester

ISO Electronic Brake System Tester is the latest addition to the ISOCheck product range

Commercial Trailer Brake Pressure Adjustments Easy

March 8th, 2017 Comments off

TrailerCheck 4 Vans Has Many Advantages Over DIY Trailer Light Testers

aide automotive‘s TrailerCheck 4 Vans has many advantages over DIY trailer light testers, one such advantage is the “Remote Hand Held Air Brake Activator”.
As we all know a load sensing valve adjusts the brake pressure relative to the load on the vehicle. Testing this valve is essential prior to MOT or on trailer inspection.
TrailerCheck 4 Vans incorporates a “Remote Hand Held Air Brake Activator” which combines a digital pressure gauge with push button brake control; Load Sensing Valve adjustment or test can be carried out accurately and quickly by one person.
Switching brakes on and off Via the Remote Air Brake Activator, allows the user to look for wear in s cams and faulty slack adjusters. The digital pressure gauge measures pressure at the brake chamber, ideal for setting load sensing valves.
To read the full TrailerCheck product detail, click on TrailerCheck Load Sensing Valve Tester
Trailer Brake EBS ABS Maintannce

TrailerCheck Makes Brake Pressure Adjustments Easy