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Fuel Theft From Trucks

October 25th, 2012

Abbey Logistics Go To The Hercules Floating Ball Anti Siphon

Operating over 200 vehicles, Abbey Logistics is widely acknowledged as a leading transporter of bulk liquid food ingredients. Abbey is now fitting the Hercules Anti-Siphon to reduce fuel theft across its fleet.

“In today’s high fuel price environment fuel anti-siphons are essential for all operators and we’ve been delighted with the Hercules product,”: says managing director Steve Granite.

Matthew Burke adds: “For operators requiring a floating ball device, we offer the easily the best value product in the market. We continue to convert high-profile operators from competitors to our Hercules and Abbey?s reputation puts it at the top of the list”.

The Hercules Anti Siphon Fuel Security and Safety Device is the best priced device to prevent ANY fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that allows fuel to flow into the tank, but locks off once filling is stopped, meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

To recevie a fleet quote for the Hercules please call 0115 8456471 or email shoponline@aideautomotive.com


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