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ISOCheck ABS Tester

November 30th, 2010 No comments

ABS Warning lights, what do they mean?

This may be a common question from drivers but do we all really know the answer?

Well lets make it simple! There are only three main light sequences that you really need to be concerned with, they are;

1. ON/OFF – At standstill

2. ON – Until the vehicle is driven above 7 kph then OFF

3. ON/OFF/ON – Until the vehicle is driven above 7 kph

With the introduction of programmable warning lights in EBS systems it has become a bit harder to know what a drivers dashboard should be doing but with a couple of simple tests the answer is there. If the truck and trailer are both ABS sockets, start by just connecting the trailer and turn on the ignition, the trailer warning light in the cab should come on, if the light goes ON/OFF then this is the sequence, if the light goes ON/OFF/ON, then this is the sequence, if the light is ON and stays on then drive the truck and trailer above 7kph, if the light goes OFF then this is your sequence. However please note if the light stays ON after a test drive then there is a fault in the system which requires maintenance before the truck and trailer can be utilised.

So how can we decide if the fault lies with a truck or trailer?

Also to make matters worse newer trucks now have an LCD or electronic dashboard, so we need to establish which light is actually for the trailer. With each manufacturer having individual lights it can be quite confusing.

So this is where the ISOCheck can be used, the ISOCheck is not only used to test the power from the truck but can be used to show you the warning light function of your trailer.

 First plug the ISOCheck Indicator into the trucks ABS Socket, turn on the ignition, this will test all power form the truck, and if all is OK the ISOCheck will light up GREEN, if there is a fault RED. Once the truck is proven to be OK, turn the ISOCheck around and connect the ISOCheck Indicator into the trailers ASB Socket and the normal end into the truck, ignition on and the warning light in the cab should come on and the ISOCheck Indicator will turn RED as the warning light is ON. If the warning light in the cab then goes out, then the ISOCheck will turn to GREEN. If this happens it not only proves again that the truck power is OK but also it proves the trailers ABS is working.

 The next step is to test drive the trailer above 7 kph, if the warning light comes on while starting to move then the ISOCheck will turn RED. Stop the truck and trailer and remove the ISOCheck indicator from the ABS Socket on the trailer, if the ISOCheck stays RED then the fault is on the truck, if it turns GREEN then the fault is on the trailer. The ISOCheck is as simple as that! Ideal for workshop fitters and drivers the ISOCheck pinpoints faults with the truck or trailer even when mismatching old trucks with new trailers and vice a versa, saving time and money by directing the repairer to the correct area.

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Stopspill – First fuel anti-syph device with an anti-splash valve

November 25th, 2010 No comments

Anti-syphon devices stop thieves from siphoning fuel out of vehicles and are well worth the investment for any business as they can save hundreds of pounds of stolen fuel. There are a few devices on the market but aide automotive are delighted to launch the first that acts as a deterrent to fuel theft and fuel safety in one go!

With Corporate Responsibility being top of most organisation’s agendas these days, this device gives businesses the chance to comply. Diesel spillage is a dangerous problem. Diesel on the road can be as slippery as black ice and a potential hazard to most road users. Even a few litres can cause a potentially lethal accident. In the UK you can be fined £5,000, along with six points on your licence. You may also be liable for the costs of cleaning up the spill and repairing the road surface – and your insurance rating will suffer. The worst scenario can be a charge of corporate manslaughter.
The following accident statistics from the Department of Transport are only an indicator of the scale of the problem.

  • 22 people have died on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
  • 595 serious accidents on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
  • 617 Killed or Seriously Injured accidents on the roads between 2000 and 2005;
  • 3,020 accidents resulting in slight injury between 2000 and 2005;
  • Oil / Diesel related accidents in 2005 have cost society £33,543,280


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Fuel theft device that also prevents diesel spillage

Fuel theft device that also prevents diesel spillage

Brake Tester for Trucks and Trailers

November 18th, 2010 No comments

Brake Testing is an important precedure for vehicles and now there is a new device that tests the brakes on both thetruck and the trailer. RJ Edwards in Warrington have trialled this new product and have been instrumental in it’s development, giving valuable feedback from testing it on it’s own vehicles and allowing the manufacturers to develop the product accordingly

After a recent test inspection for RJ Edwards with VOSA planned from a view to expand their fleet, they demonstrated the new product to VOSA, who agreed it would be an acceptable tool for a Brake Tester on Trailers and Trucks.

Trevor Edwards owner of RJ Edwards says. We needed to purchase a Brake Tester for our vehicles and when looking what was on the market it seemed that we were going to have to buy two separate brake testers, one for the truck and one for the trailer. However aide automotive had the perfect solution for us, BrakeCheck TT is a dual unit enabling me to test both the truck and the trailer with the same unit! This device has saved me the hassle and the cost of buying two separate units, I now have one tester not two. We can’t recommend this product to other companies enough

This new version of the product is called BrakeCheck TT – Brakecheck for Truck and Trailer. BrakeCheck has been proven to be an excellent inspection sheet brake tester for all commercial vehicles with over 11000 testers sold since 2002. With many commercial operators and repairers using the BrakeCheck to conduct a VOSA accepted brake test on every inspection, BrakeCheck is the number 1 decelerometer on the market today!

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12 Volt Battery Tester

November 15th, 2010 No comments

3 In 1 Battery Tester, Charger & Memory Saver


BatteryCheck is a small and compact high performance electronically controlled plug in battery charger and tester, in addition BatteryCheck is also a battery back while repairing or replacing electronic items within a vehicle.

BatteryCheck has been designed from dealer mandated product technology for the everyday MOT or service garage, BatteryCheck’s neat compact design is ideal for a workshop and with microprocessor controlled technology the BatteryCheck offers any workshop a high end product at an affordable price.

BatteryCheck’s will test a battery, the charge status and the functionality of the alternator in one simple process, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

BatteryCheck can be used to test conventional lead-acid, lead-calcium/silver, or sealant type batteries (AGM, MF) as well as maintenance free lead-gel batteries. Able to charge deeply discharged batteries, a reverse polarity protection system is also integrated into the BatteryCheck.

Protective features:

Electronic reverse polarity protection
Thermal overload protection
Safety cut-out
Electronically safe
Short-circuit protection

Charging Capacity:

Charging Voltage 12 Volt
Charging current 6 A
Battery capacity 3-200Ah


BatteryCheck is priced at £159.00 + vat.

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12 Volt Battery Tester

12 Volt Battery Tester

Brake Tester For Truck & Trailers

November 7th, 2010 No comments

Brake Testers are an important health and safety procedure, and now aide automotive are pleased to announce the latest decelerometer from the BrakeCheck product range called “BrakeCheck TT “ BrakeCheck 4 Truck & Trailer.

 BrakeCheck has been proven to be an excellent inspection sheet brake tester for all commercial vehicles with over 11000 testers sold since 2002. With many commercial operators and repairers using the BrakeCheck to conduct a VOSA accepted brake test on every inspection, BrakeCheck is the number 1 decelerometer on the market today!

With this aide automotive have introduced a new version to help operators move forward with commercial trailers and to conduct a brake test upon inspection.

BrakeCheck TT will test tractor units, rigid trucks and also incorporates a 99 test memory on the service, hand and trailer brake test, a total of 297 tests. The trailer brake test feature enables repairers and internal maintenance workshops to conduct an inspection sheet brake test of a commercial trailer.

 Using a decelerometer to test trailer brakes is a positive method for any operator to achieve further regular testing that can be recorded and used as evidence if required. With “Duty Of Care” being top of the agenda for most managers, staff need to demonstrate what best they can do to achieve a safe working environment for employees and the general public.

 BrakeCheck TT will conduct a tractor unit and then tractor and trailer test, reporting both tests on one simple report. With the option to download the test to a PC or print out through a portable printer, hard copy evidence of trailer braking can be recorded with ease and at a cost effective solution.

 VOSA offered guidance on testing commercial trailers and advised, “The way to use a decelerometer is to first test the drawing vehicle on its own. Then connect the trailer and the deceleration rate should be similar i.e. the trailer is doing its fair share of work. This is not an exact science but would be enough to give you confidence the trailer brakes were working.”

Further more in the BrakeCheck TT kit aide automotive include an Infra Red Thermometer. The simple practice of checking disc or drum temperatures takes testing a step further to help indicate individual wheel performance on a trailer or truck, from a repairers perspective being able to indicate if an individual wheel is performing efficiently or not is ideal as a pre roller test check. VOSA often use infra red thermometers at road side checks as a way of testing individual brake performance.

 BrakeCheck TT can be purchased singularly or as a kit, with the option to download to a PC or print via a portable printer, BrakeCheck TT is supplied in a case with all required accessories such as chargers and spare paper rolls for the printer, with a designated space for the thermometer this kit is ideal for a workshop or mobile operation.

BrakeCheck TT With Printer, Case and accessories – £669.00

Add an Infra Red Thermometer to the kit for extra £69.00


BrakeCheck TT with PC Download Kit – 584.00 

All the above prices exclude carriage & VAT.

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