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Commercial Vehicle Fuel Theft Prevention Camera.

January 27th, 2017 Comments off

Truck Fuel Tank Camera

Truck Diesel Fuel Tank Camera With Motion Sensor

aide automotive now offer an On Board Fuel Theft Prevention Camera.

Fuel Cam has an extensive data capture memory, up to a 32GB card many hours or days of parked tank movements will be recorded.

Fuel Cam has an 8 mega pixel 940nm camera, Capable of shooting HD video and audio, as well as IR night vision, the camera will record vital
evidence of crime leading to prosecution and possible recovery of stolen items.

The system is easily installed to a truck or any vehicle. When the vehicle is parked, the camera or the Fuel Cam will start to record as soon as motion is dedicated within range, anyone walking around the truck tank or standing over the tank will be recorded.

The fuel theft prevention camera operates on 6 x AA batteries (not included).

Fuel Cam comes with mounting accessories for optimum deployment, also a Weatherpoof design.

aide automotive can be contacted via email or by phone – 0115 8456471


Diesel Theft Prevention

Waterproof camera designed for the view of the Truck Diesel Fuel Tank