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Protect Against HGV Fuel Thieves or not?

September 9th, 2020 Comments off

Do We Protect Against HGV Fuel Thieves or not?

aide automotive have been marketing and selling HGV / Commercial Vehicle fuel protection products for 20 years, we see increasing negativity on using anti siphon devices to protect the diesel fuel tank on a truck.

A recent remark was “anti-siphoning devices are a waste of time, you fit them and the bandits drill your diesel tank”

We agree anti siphon devices are not the be and end all to protect a commodity like HGV fuel, but what is?

To protect against any theft the owner has to create security / obstacles to prevent the thief from achieving their aim, instead of negativity to available protection aids and just ignoring the problem, look at the best way to help secure your property! Ignorance will inevitably breed thieves to repeat the act and look for easy targets!

In our 20 years marketing HGV diesel protection we have never had a call saying, “they drilled my tank!” We do have, “they just ripped out the sender unit” or “they just smashed the ASD”. So, the question is, how much is this commodity important to you? To lose a full tank for many is important to protect, also the follow-on inconvenience. So, if you think they will attack the tank, install an alarm, if they siphon fuel while a driver is parked, an Anti-Siphon Device? But overall a starting point is the “padlock” of an Anti-Siphon Device on the filler neck for many….

If not, then further protection aides like theTruck Tank Alarm “TankGuard” or Sender Unit Covers to protect the costly rip out of this item.

With this we have a SPECIAL Sample offer of the FuelKeep Anti Siphon Device!

Take a Sample at delivery cost only to prove the durability & quality of this Superb low cost ASD!

Truck Anti-Theft Wheel Nuts

October 14th, 2016 Comments off

Tyre & Wheel Servicing Email Focus At Transport Operator

Transport Operators Email Product Focus On Tyre & Wheel Servicing See’s aide automotive Wheel Stop It Anti Theft Truck Wheel Nut Featured!

Truck & Bus Product Focus is live and online for a full 12 months.

Anti-theft commercial vehicle wheel nut that comes with a unique security code.
Each nut is coded and is totally secure, it cannot be removed by anything other than the fastener socket bearing the matching encrypted Wheel Stop it Code.

This system only requires one locking nut per wheel.

A Midlands Truck Body Company’s yard was targeted by truck week thieves over many weekends, the company placed a large order for the anti-Theft wheel nuts with aide automotive. A spokesman said “Following the thefts we had to be proactive in prevention, sourcing aide automotive’s locking nut was a first priority in this theft, the product is ideal and makes it virtually impossible to remove a wheel. We also added CCTV and lighting which has hopefully given us a secure yard.”

Stop Commercial Vehicle Fuel & Wheel Theft! Contact aide automotive today!

Prevent Truck Tyre & Wheel Theft

Wheel Stop It is an encrypted wheel nut To Stop Truck Wheel Theft.

Trailer Security Lock Prevents Theft

August 21st, 2013 Comments off

Trailer Red Line Lock To Secure A Trailer While Parked Or Yard Stored

Trailer Susie Lock is an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

If you need to manage secure trailers then a Trailer Red Line Lock is an ideal cost effective tool, when is a trailer is off the road, using a number plate style VOR sign is less than ideal, this has no protection of the sign being thrown away and the trailer used.

A recent theft of a trailer in Scotland with £300,000 of wine might have been prevented with a simple low cost Susie Lock.

Thieves have made off after stealing a trailer from a haulage yard.

The vehicle was parked in the R T Keedwell Haulage Yard on Uddingston’s Bellshill Road when the theft took place.

Between midday on Saturday 17.08.13 and 8.20am on Sunday, the suspects entered the yard and hooked their own cab to a trailer containing pallets of wine. They subsequently drove the trailer out of the yard.

Police Scotland said the retail value of the alcohol was approximately £300,000.

Detective Sergeant John Cameron of Hamilton police office appealed for witnesses to come forward.

He said: “I would urge anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious on Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning either at or near the haulage yard to come forward as they may have information that is vital to this enquiry.”

Commenting Matt Burke said “The Trailer Lock will stop easy movement of a trailer parked on or off site, locking the red line means a trailer brake system can not be activated and the trailer will move with the brake on. An excellent low cost product could save trailer theft for any transport or haulage company.”


Contact aide automotive ltd for prices on a Trailer Susie Lock.

Suzie Lock

VOR Trailer Lock - Susie Lock

Fuel Theft From Trucks

October 25th, 2012 Comments off

Abbey Logistics Go To The Hercules Floating Ball Anti Siphon

Operating over 200 vehicles, Abbey Logistics is widely acknowledged as a leading transporter of bulk liquid food ingredients. Abbey is now fitting the Hercules Anti-Siphon to reduce fuel theft across its fleet.

“In today’s high fuel price environment fuel anti-siphons are essential for all operators and we’ve been delighted with the Hercules product,”: says managing director Steve Granite.

Matthew Burke adds: “For operators requiring a floating ball device, we offer the easily the best value product in the market. We continue to convert high-profile operators from competitors to our Hercules and Abbey?s reputation puts it at the top of the list”.

The Hercules Anti Siphon Fuel Security and Safety Device is the best priced device to prevent ANY fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that allows fuel to flow into the tank, but locks off once filling is stopped, meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

To recevie a fleet quote for the Hercules please call 0115 8456471 or email


Stop Fuel Theft With Anti Skimmimng Syphon Device

Floating Ball Anti Syphon Device From aide automtoive