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HGV Trailer Management With the aide automotive Trailer Lock

April 26th, 2022 Comments off

HGV Trailer Management With the aide automotive Trailer Lock For Stuart Nicol Transport Limited Of Shotts / Scotland.

Great to deal with Leanne Patterson and conclude this deal for 12 VOR Trailer HGV Locks.

A Trailer VOR Lock is easy to operate and install, a Trailer VOR Lock provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from being moved or returned to road duty.

Trailer VOR Lock, also known as Trailer Red Line locks provide a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft.

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Transport Company Move to Manage Trailer Fleet with aide automotive’s VOR Lock

Fleet Assess “Trailer Service Company” Return Order Again!

July 2nd, 2020 Comments off

Trailer VOR Lock Order Taken from a Returning Customer Today!

Fleet Assess was founded by Niven Whiteoak in 2015.

With more than 25 years’ experience of the commercial trailer industry, with 20 plus years in the trailer rental sector.
Fleet Assess offer a one stop shop solution for all your trailer requirements, including trailer rental, procurement, maintenance, fleet management, repair, refurbishment, disposal, trailer sales and insurance assessment.

Following an order way back in 2016, Niven contacted aide automotive this week to repeat an order for the Trailer Security & VOR Lock.

We even could match his key number from 2016 so he has a fleet key for all locks.

Read more about Trailer Susie Locks

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Our product range – Brake Testers – Trailer Testers – EBS/ABS Sensor Tester – Diagnostic Tools – Midtronics Battery Testers – Anti Siphon Devices – ISOCheck – Trailer Locks – Auto Braking Reversing System – HGV Diesel Tank Alarms – Plus More

Commercial Trailer Security Lock

November 24th, 2016 Comments off

Trailer Air Line Lock May Offfer

aide automotive are pleased to offer a Special Price for the Trailer Air Line Lock for the month of May 16.

The Trailer Vehicle Off Road (VOR) Air Line Lock is an excellent tool to manage a trailer fleet within a depot or off site.

Off site a Trailer Air Line Lock can offer security against theft, with this lock snapped on an air line a trailer is near impossible to move. Simply lock on to the emergency C coupling of the trailer to prevent unauthorised movement, securing commercial trailers by preventing the release of the brakes

How Trailer Air Brakes Work
Trailer air brakes by default are ON, compressed air is forced from the tractor or cab unit to apply pressure to release the brakes.

Without compressed air the trailer air brake system is not activated and the trailer remains stationary, so, for example, it cannot roll away. The air line hose is integral to the trailer and cannot be easily removed.

Trailer Air Line Lock fits onto the red line which is the pneumatic high pressure hose that connects the pressurised air supply from the cab/tractor unit to the trailer. Trailer Air Line Lock fits all makes of air hose couplers and push-to-connect tube fittings.

Trailer C Coupling Lock Features

The lock sleeve is long enough to cover the male coupling preventing it from being unscrewed from the trailer.

Each lock is supplied with two keys, which are tucked inside a plastic cap for transit.

Compact, rugged and simple to operate.

To fit remove key and push lock onto the male.

10,000 Key combinations

Sets of locks operated with the same key may be purchased.

Contact us via the website or by telephone 0115 8456471


Locks A Trailer Susie Line

Trailer Vehicle Off Road (VOR) Air Line Lock

Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Installs TrailerCheck

April 28th, 2016 Comments off

Trailer Brake, Electrical, Light & Diagnostics Tester

Midland Trailer Service & Repairs based in Nottingham has recently invested in a modern trailer service and maintenance tester, TrailerCheck 4 Vans.

Owner, Dave Anderson started the business with his own DIY trailer tester to get the business off the ground, now with two years behind him and a reputation second to none, Dave decided to upgrade his tools with the professional TrailerCheck & Trailer diagnostics system Code Talk.

Dave explained “Starting a new business can be daunting in the early years, so my initial set up cost was kept to a tight budget. Now I am established I decided to invest in technology tools, I had seen aide automotives TrailerCheck in the press and decided to see what benefit the system would offer me. Following my meeting with aide automotive I quickly saw the benefit of the upgrade from my DIY trailer tester to a modern tool. TrailerCheck has improved my service and with the diagnostics system I can now offer ECU code reading and clearing, a new service to my customers.”

aide automotive talk to many trailer repairers about the benefits of a modern trailer tester against DIY systems. TrailerCheck offers a safe professional tool to maintain trailer air brakes and electrical systems. DIY trailer testers are usually made at home with items found around a workshop. Also powering a trailer via a DIY box has its risks, DIY boxes tend to be powered by batteries direct to a circuit, if the trailer had a short circuit a continuous voltage could burn out the cable loom resulting in further damage and hours of re cabling work.

TrailerCheck has a micro processor controlled circuit board to enable safe trailer testing and power conservation, enabling a engineer to test multiple trailer from single charged battery supply, if using batteries to power the trailer tester a split van charger can be purchased for battery recharging while the travelling, further more mains power options are available in 240 or 110 volt modes.

TrailerCheck also has the bonus of a diagnostics interface and REMOTE controller, Code Talk is an aftermarket engineers diagnostic tool, designed by UK trailer maintenance engineers for engineers.

Simple to use and operate, Code Talk makes trailer diagnostic maintenance an affordable option to any repairer.

Code Talk is all that is needed. No requirement for code manuals, phoning dealers, phoning high rate telephone lines, all the information is within Code Talk – Code Talk is the Diagnostic Manual for Trailers!

Code Talk is supplied with all cables to communicate with trailer ECU’s and with an optional carry case. Code Talk is also a remote controller for the TrailerCheck product range. TrailerCheck is the full electrical testing tool for 24 volt trailers.

Code Talk Remote for TrailerCheck also offers voltage, wire colour and pin information via the display. Trailer repairing made Easy!

Below is a view of the modern day TrailerCheck now installed in Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Service Van.

Trailer Diagnostics

TrailerCheck now installed in Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Service Van.

Truck Fifth Wheel Lubrication Liner

March 1st, 2016 Comments off

Truck Fifth Wheel Covers

On average 30% of 5th wheel grease is wasted

Millions of pounds of grease are washed off 5th wheels in this country every year. This not only has a huge impact on the environment causing water pollution but is also extremely costly to haulage and logistic businesses.

During application a significant amount of grease is either dropped in the workshop or falls off onto the tractor unit making the tractor unit dirty, unsightly and uncomfortable to work in.

Greasy residue on surfaces and on the ground can prove hazardous during hitching and can cause individuals to slip on the ground and on the back of tractor units. This has considerable implications from a health and safety view point in and in particular from an employer’s liability perspective.

On average 30% of 5th wheel grease is wasted.

Truck Fifth Wheel Lubrication Liner have Heath & Safety benefits, with less oil and grease on the fifth wheel the likelihood of oil dripping onto a hot exhaust is virtually impossible, hence protecting against truck fire.

Many companies have fitted a Truck Lube Liner recently, David Craig Haulage in Berwick Upon Tweed completed a fleet fit of the Truck Fifth Wheel Lube Covers.

Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471


Fifth Wheel Lubrication Liner

On average 30% of Truck 5th wheel grease is wasted

Commercial Truck Repairs

March 13th, 2015 Comments off

Commercial Truck Repairs By WLS.

Wls Fleet Support provides mobile service and repair to the transport industry. With over 20 years experience and a IRTEC licence holder IR0709122003.

Wls Fleet Support carry out high quality curtain and tarpaulin repairs using panama 900gsm material. Also Wls Fleet Support can measure and arrange the supply of new curtains and installation. They also can install new curtain rollers, curtain poles and curtain straps.

Further services include, repair of fibre glass and aluminium roofs, repairs to floors and body work, repair and adjust Henderson and whiting shutter doors.

Wls Fleet Support also invested in the aide automotive trailer electrical tester TrailerCheck & diagnostics ECU reader, “Code Talk”.

Equipment for trailer servicing and diagnostics.

The Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester is an intelligent unit and has the capability to power multiple trailers without the inconvenience of continually recharging external batteries.In trailer light diagnostic mode a single circuit can be powered for fault finding.

Contact Wls Fleet Support @ 07710 455627

aide automotive’s products can be reviewed @

TrailerCheck is a Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester

TrailerCheck 4 Vans is a One Man Trailer Service tool with the option of ECU Trailer Diagnostics.

Truck Pallet Lock For Pallet Trucks

December 16th, 2014 Comments off

aide automotive have seen more an more companies review the Pallet Truck Restrainer Lee Lock in the last few months, with the ideal time to fit the lock at a trailer build many companies use a body builder to add the Pallet Truck Lock to a trailer or rigid truck.

A DVSA spokesman says: “The DVSA has not relaxed its approach to load security in curtain-sided vehicles. We have reviewed our current approach to EN 12642-XL rated vehicles and, after further consultation with the trade and experts at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), changed our policy to better represent the risk presented by these vehicles.

“XL-rated vehicles are manufactured to a higher standard than normal trailers and, when positively loaded, provide sufficient security to meet the [Department for Transport] requirements.”

An unsecured Pallet Truck is an Unsecured Load! Prevent load damage, Curtain side load spills, Trailer Curtain Rips and employer injury with a Pallet Truck Lock like Lee Lock.

Curtainsiders without EN 12642-XL must still use internal restraint to comply with Safety of Loads on Vehicles.

call aide automotive ltd on 01158456471 to discuss your requirement.


Lee Lock - Pallet Truck Lee Lock

Protect Load With Load Restraints and A Pallet Truck Lock

Trailer Reversing System With Auto Braking

September 30th, 2014 Comments off

Truck & Trailer Auto Reverse & Braking System Prevents Crash Damage.

A lorry driver making deliveries to Marks & Spencer was left red-faced after tearing down part of a wall.

He became stuck reversing into the back of the Brighton store yesterday morning and struck the wall. When he moved forward again, it collapsed.

Bob Higham, who lives in Regent Hill, where the accident happened, claimed lorries caused numerous accidents in the area’s narrow streets and called for them to be banned from the city centre.

He said: “They don’t always knock walls down but there’s scrapes.

“I think big lorries like this should be banned. They should only allow smaller, fixed wheelbase vehicles in.”

Trailer Reversing System “BackStop” automatically applies the brakes when an object such as a concrete pillar or a person becomes an obstruction, or is in close proximity to the rear of the vehicle.

Trailer Reversing System “BackStop” activates when the vehicle is in reverse. Continuously monitoring at a distance up to 3m behind the vehicle, BackStop will automatically apply the brakes if any of the sensors detect an obstacle, leaving sufficient time for a person to move or the vehicle realigned.

Truck & Trailer BackStop can be retro fitted to any rigid truck or trailer by our onsite service engineers.

To review how Trailer Reversing System BackStop Systems could help your vehicles, contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 or click on Reversing Radar System to read more and enquire.

Reversing Auto Braking System

Refuse Collection Vehicle Reversing System

Automatic Truck & Trailer Braking System

April 24th, 2014 Comments off

Recently Glasgow City Council were fined £20,000 following the death of a pensioner after he was struck by a reversing refuse vehicle in the city centre.

Malcolm McCulloch, 71, a retired dock worker from Glasgow, was walking across Holm Street, Glasgow, when he was struck by the reversing lorry on 10 August 2012. He suffered severe chest and pelvic injuries and later died in hospital.

The incident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and a prosecution brought against the council for serious safety failings.

An inspection of the vehicle by HSE mechanical specialists found no defects, and its warning beacon and siren were working correctly. However, there was a blind spot, around 2.2 metres wide, that was not covered by the CCTV camera or wing mirrors. Accordingly neither the driver nor the labourer would have seen Mr McCulloch stepping into the path of the reversing lorry. A reversing assistant should have been used to guide the driver while reversing and to prevent pedestrians such as Mr McCulloch from being able to cross the road as the lorry reversed.

aide automotive offer a Radar Sensor System. BackStop, The Automatic Truck & Trailer Braking System automatically applies the brakes when an object such as a person is in close proximity to the rear of the vehicle. This is achieved by measuring the phase shift, BackStop Radar can accurately map and detect people or objects behind the vehicle. BackStop “Automatic Truck & Trailer Braking System” takes away the chance of human error as in the above incident.

Call aide automotive on 0115 8456471.

Reversing Auto Braking System

Refuse Collection Vehicle Reversing System

VOR Trailer Locks

March 9th, 2014 Comments off

Trailer Management Using VOR Trailer Locks

Europa Logistics Order Trailer Air Coil Red Line Locks from aide automotive

Europa Worldwide Logistics is one of the largest privately owned Transport and Logistics companies in the United Kingdom, delivering cost-effective freight solutions since 1966.

With a strong presence in 100 countries across six continents, plus an unrivaled land service to the whole of Western and Eastern Europe. Employing over 400 people in the UK and operating over 475 scheduled departures per week, Europa delivers over 500,000 consignments a year across 30 European and Scandinavian countries.

When Europa Logistics required a system to prevent unauthorised trailer movement Craig Roberts scouted the world web and locating supplier aide automotive ltd.

Purchasing 6 Trailer Air Coil Locks from aide automotive Europa Logistics now can implement a system to keep trailer management for VOR or loading.

The Trailer Air Coil Trailer Lock is a simple to fit trailer movement deterrent made from stainless steel incorporating an integrated lock. The Trailer Air Coil lock unit provides a key protected barrier to prevent coupling and restrict unauthorised trailer movement.

Prevents unauthorized trailer movements
Easy to apply and remove with key control
Robust stainless steel manufacture
Fits most standard trailer formats
Individual or keyed alike variations

Trailer VOR Locks provide both an easy visual with physical barrier indication against the movement of trailers particularly for yard management of the trailer fleet. Its ease to operate and install onto the trailer coupling provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR (vehicle off road) trailers from unauthorised movement particularly when maintenance issues are at stake. It also provides a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft.

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Trailer VOR Lock

VOR Trailer Lock – VOR Lock