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Unstuck Your Truck in Snow or Ice

November 13th, 2013 Comments off

Unstuck Is Revolutionary Product To Free Vehicles From Snow Or Ice Stucks

Unstuck®   – Keep Your Vehicle Moving This Winter!

aide automotive are pleased to release a new product in the UK.

Unstuck®    is a compound of materials to help a vehicle quickly removed from a Stuck snow or ice situation.

When a vehicle gets STUCK by ice or snow, the impact begins, the cost to the fleet operator can run into hundreds of pounds in lost hours, late delivery fines and if a tow truck is called, a call out charge can be in the region of £300!

So between the logistics time lost, delivery fines, and the check written to the towing company, a Vehicle STUCK could run into hundreds of pounds!

K winters have shown a change in recent years with prolonged periods of minus temperatures and sporadic snowfalls.

A recent Daily Express article reported.The 2013/14 UK winter is reported to be record breaking! Forecasters are warning the entire country is set for a horror freeze which will bring brutal winds and fierce blizzards.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: ‘We are looking at a potentially paralysing winter, the worst for decades, which could at times grind the nation to a halt.”

So be prepared with Unstuck!!!

UnStuck is designed from the ground up for increased traction than traditional sand, salt or grit will offer. UnStuck is able to work in temperatures as low as -60 to a positive 32 degress.

UnStuck is environmentally friendly and will actually reverse the decades of acidity that has been inflicted on the environment.

For the low cost of a bag of UnStuck each truck should be equipped and ready for the winter!

With limited stock available for the 2013/14 winter, contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 or email to enquire.

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Unstuck Keeps Trucks on The Move

Unstuck Truck Quick Release From Snow & Ice

Dashboard Camera Show Truck Accident

November 4th, 2013 Comments off

Incident Camera Footage Of Bike Collision

Truck Camera Footage Shows The Importance of On Board Cameras

aide automotive market On Board Incident Cameras for commercial vehicles.

On Board recording cameras are becoming an essential tool in vehicle incident evidence for vehicle operating companies.

Recent footage from an In Cab Camera filmed through the windscreen of a truck you see an apparently quiet country lane. Then a motorbike travelling in the opposite direction comes around the corner ahead and drifts into the path of the HGV.

The biker, who survived with just a broken shoulder, swore blind that the truck was on the wrong side of the road and speeding. The lorry driver denied both. Backing that up, he had the camera that took the footage in his cab, The biker’s claims were instantly discounted.

If you’re the victim of an insurance scam, a Incident Camera will show it. The latest ‘flash for cash’ trick in which drivers invite you to proceed when it’s their right of way before crashing into you and claiming it was your fault is one example. Another is where drivers tamper with their brake lights so you can’t see when they’re stopping and collide with them. Again, a On Board Camera system will reveal the crime.

Contact aide automotive to review camera options for your truck fleet. Call 0115 8456471 or click on Incident Camera.


Incident Camera

Dashboard Camera "Seeing is Believing"