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Trailer Sensor Brake Tester

June 25th, 2014 Comments off

EBS/ABS Sensor Master Order Receives Praise

Tested the EBS ABS Sensor Tester and it is an impressive piece of kit!

The EBS ABS Sensor Tester is the ideal tool for any user, from an apprentice to a time served fitter, or a busy workshop. Quickly identifying and clearing the fault can save time and money, rather than calling in a dealer or diagnostic expert.

“The order arrived as promised. We have tried out the EBS Sensor Tester and it is an impressive piece of kit. Many thanks for your prompt service.” stated Neil Robinson Tyson Haulage

To read more and download a PDF product brochure click on Trailer Sensor Tester.

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Truck Trailer ABS Sensor Master

Sensor Tester for ABS or EBS

Truck Brake Efficiency Tester

June 18th, 2014 Comments off

DVSA Recommend 4 Brake Tests Per Year!!

Document :Guide to maintaining road worthiness
Commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles (Revised 2014)

Section 5: Safety inspection and repair facilities

Extract –
“Therefore it is normally expected that the vehicle or trailer should complete at least three successful brake efficiency tests spread throughout year in addition to the annual MOT test.”

BrakeCheck is a portable brake tester that works from the principle of measuring deceleration or Brake Efficiency, BrakeCheck has been proved to be a good indication of brake performance and cost effective for any workshop. Over 15,000 BrakeCheck’s have been purchased since it’s introduction in January 2003, and is now a standard tool for any vehicle workshop.

In addition to BrakeCheck Standard which is marketed towards Car, Van Truck and Bus / Coaches, BrakeCheck For Truck &Trailers is ideal for trailer operating companies.

aide automotive also recommend the use of an Infra Red Thermometer to check individual wheels via temperature. This in conjunction with a decelerometer print out would be the perfect 3 times a year brake test for any commercial vehicle.

To discuss how BrakeCheck or the Brake Testing Equipment works or to review pricing please call us on 0115 8456471.


Brake Efficiency Tester

Brake Tester Using Brake Efficiency to Report On Truck Brakes

On Board Incident Cameras

June 11th, 2014 Comments off

Here What Camera Users Say about Witness Cameras!

aide automotive offer a variety of incident or Driver Incident Cameras for commercial vehicles.

In a recent feature on the Commercial Motor website, read what some users said.

Case study: Massey Wilcox
Massey Wilcox has installed Driver Incident cameras across its 60-vehicle fleet over the past nine months, costing £180 each. “It’s solely to have evidence if there’s an accident, helping us prove innocence or guilt,” explains MD Robert Wilcox. He believes most sensible hauliers will eventually install them because of insurance considerations.

His company recently avoided a potentially expensive whiplash claim after one of its cameras showed how a motorist cut across the front of the driver on a roundabout. He says cameras also help highlight when drivers are in the wrong, so they can learn from their mistakes.

Case study: DHL Supply Chain

Tim Slater, MD, Transport UK and Ireland at DHL Supply Chain, says the company has more than 4,000 forward-facing cameras installed across its fleet, which is one of the key elements of its transport strategy.

He says: “By installing cameras, we aim to make our vehicles the safest and most efficient on the road. The cameras protect our drivers and assets by allowing us to understand the circumstances of an incident, and have had a positive effect on driver behaviour both behind the wheel and as a training tool. We believe that all collisions and incidents are preventable and using initiatives such as forward-facing cameras helps us to reduce these significantly.”

To review how a MI Witness Camera can help your fleet, contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 or email

Driver Recorder for Truck, Bus, Van Or Car

In Cab Driver Recorder

Trailer Light Tester For Farming Trailers

June 4th, 2014 Comments off

Trailer Light Tester For Farming Trailers

Improving on an earlier version of the Agricultural Trailer Light Tester, Richard Western returned to aide automotive to review the latest 12 Volt TrailerCheck – Trailer Light Tester.

The 12 Volt TrailerCheck – Trailer Light Tester is designed to make the testing and repair of trailer lights faster and much simpler. Power is taken from the leisure battery for this product but for portable use aide automotive offer the 12 Volt TrailerCheck Plus, read more at 12 Volt TrailerCheck Plus.

Where 12V TrailerCheck Trailer Light Tester really scores is when there is a fault.

The Agricultural Trailer Light Tester will hold power on the faulty circuit leaving both hands free while you trace the problem. Then if you need to work on the circuit you use the handset to switch the power to another light or off altogether. Thus repairing without risking a short circuit, switch the power to re test with no need to move.

Based in Suffolk, England, UK, Richard Western design and manufacture a range of machines including grain trailers, rootcrop trailers, grain chasers, silage trailers, dumper trailers, muck spreaders, dual spreaders, slurry tankers, vacuum tankers, bowsers, field runners and transfer wagons. Proud of their reputation for producing machines that are robustly built and will give trouble free performance.

Richard Western have more than 40 years experience supplying machines for agriculture and we are available to help you with your requirements and specifications to ensure that you get the machine best suited to your individual requirements.

Visit the aide automotive Ltd website for more information on Trailer Light Tester For Farming Trailers


MOT Approved TrailerTester

13 Pin MOT Apporved Tow Bar Tester