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Petrol In Diesel

July 29th, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive have introduced a new website to protome the Solo Diesel mis fuelling device for cars & vans.

SoloDiesel is a unique, patented solution to protect your diesel  vehicle from being filled with petrol.

In the past, there have been several attempts to solve  misfueling, only SoloDiesel provides a physical barrier to prevent this  problem.

Mis-fuelling takes place when you put petrol in a diesel vehicle.  The number of diesel cars on the road has increased, and therefore so have the problems and  associated costs of misfueling.  Putting petrol in your diesel car is easily done as the nozzle on a diesel pump has a larger diameter than an Unleaded fuel nozzle, so the Unleaded fits into the filler neck of the Diesel vehicle without any problems.

This new website is an informative site that explains mis fuelling, wrong fuel, petrol in diesel or Right Fuel.

You can purchase a Solo Diesel for any car or van at the Petrol In Diesel website.


Unsecured Loads Can Result In A VOSA Notice

July 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Lee Lock Stops possible VOSA problems by securing a pallet truck in a commercial trailer.

The recent FTA Safety In Transport conference in Coventry heard that VOSA is increasing their focus on checking load safety and security when operators trucks and trailers are stopped by the organisation.

It is reported that 1200 people a year are injured during the loading and unloading of vehicles at the workplace: 64% of these accidents involved someone falling from height, while 17% saw the victim hit by a falling object or material. To give a comparison against other vehicle injuries, in contrast only 11% of casulaties were from someone being hit by a moving vehicle

Lee Lock is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets, slashing the curtain side and as the pallet truck slots into the lock there’s no chance of any back injury from lifting.

aide automotive recently supplied a mojor European haulier with over 300 Pallet Truck Locks (Lee Lock)

Contact aide automotive Ltd for further information on Lee Lock.

Trailer ABS Tester

July 15th, 2011 Comments off

The Trailer ABS Tester is an easy to use device which will confirm each EBS/ABS sensor is operational and effective. By connecting to the sensor socket on each wheel, individual sensor faults can easily be identified. The Trailer ABS Tester also tests the exciter ring and the distance between the ring and sensor.

“The order arrived as promised. We have tried out the sensor tester and it is an impressive piece of kit. Many thanks for your prompt service.”

Neil Robinson, Tyson Haulage.

The Trailer ABS Tester is the ideal tool for any user, from an apprentice to a time served fitter, or a busy workshop. Quickly identifying and clearing the fault can save time and money, rather than calling in a dealer or diagnostic expert.

aide automotive have sold over 500 Trailer ABS Testers and are the only supplier in the UK.

Trailer Brake Testing

July 11th, 2011 Comments off

The SMMT is calling on the DFT to clear confusion over trailer brake testing.  Some trailer makers believe it should be possible to test and type approve a brake system on one trailer and then for other trailer makers, using the same kit to use the same approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency.  The purpose being to save the cost of a test for each trailer type.  “This collaborative approach to brakes system testing is not permitted under UNECE Regulation 13 that sets out the requirements for the type approval of trailer braking,” says Allan McKenzie, senior technical manager for the Society.  “If a trailer from one maker uses the same running gear and braking system as another, there is no guarantee that it will get the required braking performance without locking its wheels and as a result, failing the test.  The outcome of the test depends on the installation of the components and the build quality of the chassis.”  McKenzie believes the DfT should clear the confusion before trailer makers waste time, effort and money.

Another option to test trailer brakes is the BrakeCheck TT (Truck & Trailer).

This brake tester is not for manufacturers type approval but for a brake test on a 6 weekly maintenance inspection.

Contact aide automotive to enquire further.

24 Volt BatteryCheck

July 5th, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive have introduced a 24 volt battery tester called BatteryCheck, this is a small and compact high performance electronically controlled plug in battery charger and tester. Cost effective
this excellent tester is ideal for workshops for a quick battery tester and the option to recharge the battery.

BatteryCheck has been designed from dealer mandated product technology for the everyday commercial vehicle workshop, BatteryCheck’s neat
compact design is ideal for a workshop and with microprocessor controlled technology, the BatteryCheck offers any workshop a high end product at an affordable price.
BatteryCheck is designed to test a 24 volt system, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

Contact aide automotive by clicking on 24 Volt Battery Tester.