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Midtronics EXP1050 Ford Battery Tester

September 29th, 2016 Comments off

Ford 6 & 12 Volt Battery Tester from Midtronics

Item Sold As 14.57 01/03/16!!

Midtronics EXP 1050 Ford Battery Tester

aide automotive have a USED Midtroncis EXP 1050 Ford 6 & 12 volt tester for sale.

Although this is a Ford detailed tester, it can be used for any 6 & 12 volt battery vehicle testing.

The EXP range of Midtronics Battery Testers are priced around £800-£1000, This tester is on offer for just £299.00 + vat

The Midtronics EXP 1050 Ford Battery Tester is in excellent condition and is supplied in a Midtronics carry case.

Expandable electrical diagnostic platform analyzers include several technology innovations and enhancements to provide unparalleled accuracy and decision-making. Key advancements available in the various EXP models include:

Dynamic conductance battery testing technology

Advanced diagnostics featuring Digital Signal Processing, DMM and scope functions

Conductance cable drop test

Enhanced communications capabilities

Superior user interface featuring a large graphical screen, icon-based menus, more complete explanations of testing results, scroll bar functionality, full alphanumeric keypad, and hot keys to improve logic and flow

The EXP-1050 Ford Handheld Expandable Electrical System Tester enables you to accurately and decisively diagnose every part of the electrical system, from the battery to the starter and alternator.

Large, easy-to-read display
Advanced analyzer
Digital multimeter
Data management tool

aide automotive can offer a range on new and used Midtronics Battery Testers with printers or without, please contact us to discuss.

Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 to review a Rolls Royce Battery Tester for your Service Garage Operation


Vehicle Battery Tester

Midtroncis EXP 1050 Ford 6 & 12 volt tester

Truck Wheel Theft Prevention

September 20th, 2016 Comments off

Midlands Truck Company Prevents Wheel Theft With “Wheel Stop It!”

Following a reoccurring speight of thefts from a Midlands Truck Body Company’s yard of truck wheels over weekends, The company placed a large order with aide automotive for the Anti Truck Wheel Theft Nut.

With over 20 trucks in stock within the premises, thieves have been removing wheels and tyres resulting in a major headache.

With have the facilities and expertise to design and build bespoke truck bodies to suit all vehicles from 3.5t to 32t.

The Truck body company have become established in the plant and heavy haulage industry as one of the market leaders in the UK for both heavy duty plant and platform bodies. With several blue chip companies including Kier Plant and Sir Robert McAlpine. Being main Fassi agents for Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire and this company is able to quote the full range of Fassi cranes from 1-195 tonne/metre.

Wheel STOP It is an anti theft commercial vehicle wheel nut that comes with a unique security code tailored to each individual customer.

Each nut is coded and is totally secure, it cannot be removed by anything other than the fastener socket bearing the matching encrypted Wheel Stop it Code.

This system only requires one locking nut per wheel.

Stop Commercial Vehicle Fuel & Wheel Theft! Contact aide automotive today!

Wheel Stop it ! For Trucks

Wheel nut To Stop Truck Wheel Theft.

Truck Products Easy Grip & Fifth Wheel Lube Liner

September 16th, 2016 Comments off

Susie Coils With Easy Grips Make Trailer Coupling Easier
Transport Operators Email Product Focus On Truck Body Components & Accessories See’s aide automotive Have 2 Adverts!

Truck & Bus Product Focus is live and online for a full 12 months.

aide’s enteries are:

Easy Grips – Easy Truck Trailer
Air Brake Coupling Easy Grip is a simple device designed to make tractor-trailer airbrake coupling safer and easier.
The Air Brake Coupling Easy Grip is a low-cost accessory that dramatically improves the ease-of-use of the industry-standard air brake ‘C’ coupling. Easy Grip prevents operator’s hands slipping and thus losing balance while stood between a tractor unit and trailer.
Creating a secure grip and with more control, the coupling of a tractor and trailer has never been so safe or easy.
For the low cost of the Easy Grip Coupling Set, this product is an ideal Health & Safety improvement. Pricing starts at £5.50 + vat.
Easy Grip is reusable on new Susie Cables, a simple push-on fit and easily transferred to replacement coils in event of coil failure.

Auto Lubricating Truck Fifth Wheel Liner
Millions of pounds of grease are washed off truck 5th wheels in the UK every year. This not only has a huge impact on the environment causing water pollution but is also extremely costly to haulage and logistic businesses.
A Truck Fifth Wheel Liner removes the need to regularly lubricate the plate, a dirty job for any operative this liner will save on maintenance time, reduce expenditure on oils / greases, improve on tractor trailer coupling, handling and could also reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption.
A Truck Fifth Wheel Lube Liner takes no more than an hour to fit.
With potential savings against grease usage and improved truck efficiency, a Truck Fifth Lubricating Wheel Liner is a must to review for any truck fleet.

Contact aide automotive to review and price any of our truck body products.


Truck Susie Coils

Truck Cable Easy Grip is a simple device designed to make tractor-trailer airbrake coupling safer and easier.

Truck Diesel Fuel Theft Alarm Demo On YouTube

September 9th, 2016 Comments off

TankGuard is the latest product to protect truck diesel from aide automotive, this new fuel theft alarm will alarm once the fuel cap is removed or a potential thief tampers with the tank.

TankGuard can aklso be used in conjunction with your existing security devices such as locking fuel cap or anti-syphon device.

The Tank Guard the Truck Diesel Fuel Theft Alarm will automatically arm after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds.

To view a Truck Diesel Fuel Theft attempt demonstration click on Truck Diesel Theft.

TankGuard Fuel Theft Alarm is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual fuel tanks.

aide automotive can be contacted via email or by phone – 0115 8456471



TankGuard The Ultimate Anti Fuel Theft Alarm for Commercial Vehicle Fuel Tanks.