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Truck Pallet Lock For Pallet Trucks

December 16th, 2014 Comments off

aide automotive have seen more an more companies review the Pallet Truck Restrainer Lee Lock in the last few months, with the ideal time to fit the lock at a trailer build many companies use a body builder to add the Pallet Truck Lock to a trailer or rigid truck.

A DVSA spokesman says: “The DVSA has not relaxed its approach to load security in curtain-sided vehicles. We have reviewed our current approach to EN 12642-XL rated vehicles and, after further consultation with the trade and experts at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), changed our policy to better represent the risk presented by these vehicles.

“XL-rated vehicles are manufactured to a higher standard than normal trailers and, when positively loaded, provide sufficient security to meet the [Department for Transport] requirements.”

An unsecured Pallet Truck is an Unsecured Load! Prevent load damage, Curtain side load spills, Trailer Curtain Rips and employer injury with a Pallet Truck Lock like Lee Lock.

Curtainsiders without EN 12642-XL must still use internal restraint to comply with Safety of Loads on Vehicles.

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Lee Lock - Pallet Truck Lee Lock

Protect Load With Load Restraints and A Pallet Truck Lock