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Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Installs TrailerCheck

April 28th, 2016

Trailer Brake, Electrical, Light & Diagnostics Tester

Midland Trailer Service & Repairs based in Nottingham has recently invested in a modern trailer service and maintenance tester, TrailerCheck 4 Vans.

Owner, Dave Anderson started the business with his own DIY trailer tester to get the business off the ground, now with two years behind him and a reputation second to none, Dave decided to upgrade his tools with the professional TrailerCheck & Trailer diagnostics system Code Talk.

Dave explained “Starting a new business can be daunting in the early years, so my initial set up cost was kept to a tight budget. Now I am established I decided to invest in technology tools, I had seen aide automotives TrailerCheck in the press and decided to see what benefit the system would offer me. Following my meeting with aide automotive I quickly saw the benefit of the upgrade from my DIY trailer tester to a modern tool. TrailerCheck has improved my service and with the diagnostics system I can now offer ECU code reading and clearing, a new service to my customers.”

aide automotive talk to many trailer repairers about the benefits of a modern trailer tester against DIY systems. TrailerCheck offers a safe professional tool to maintain trailer air brakes and electrical systems. DIY trailer testers are usually made at home with items found around a workshop. Also powering a trailer via a DIY box has its risks, DIY boxes tend to be powered by batteries direct to a circuit, if the trailer had a short circuit a continuous voltage could burn out the cable loom resulting in further damage and hours of re cabling work.

TrailerCheck has a micro processor controlled circuit board to enable safe trailer testing and power conservation, enabling a engineer to test multiple trailer from single charged battery supply, if using batteries to power the trailer tester a split van charger can be purchased for battery recharging while the travelling, further more mains power options are available in 240 or 110 volt modes.

TrailerCheck also has the bonus of a diagnostics interface and REMOTE controller, Code Talk is an aftermarket engineers diagnostic tool, designed by UK trailer maintenance engineers for engineers.

Simple to use and operate, Code Talk makes trailer diagnostic maintenance an affordable option to any repairer.

Code Talk is all that is needed. No requirement for code manuals, phoning dealers, phoning high rate telephone lines, all the information is within Code Talk – Code Talk is the Diagnostic Manual for Trailers!

Code Talk is supplied with all cables to communicate with trailer ECU’s and with an optional carry case. Code Talk is also a remote controller for the TrailerCheck product range. TrailerCheck is the full electrical testing tool for 24 volt trailers.

Code Talk Remote for TrailerCheck also offers voltage, wire colour and pin information via the display. Trailer repairing made Easy!

Below is a view of the modern day TrailerCheck now installed in Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Service Van.

Trailer Diagnostics

TrailerCheck now installed in Midland Trailer Service & Repairs Service Van.

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