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Truck Anti-Theft Wheel Nuts

October 14th, 2016 Comments off

Tyre & Wheel Servicing Email Focus At Transport Operator

Transport Operators Email Product Focus On Tyre & Wheel Servicing See’s aide automotive Wheel Stop It Anti Theft Truck Wheel Nut Featured!

Truck & Bus Product Focus is live and online for a full 12 months.

Anti-theft commercial vehicle wheel nut that comes with a unique security code.
Each nut is coded and is totally secure, it cannot be removed by anything other than the fastener socket bearing the matching encrypted Wheel Stop it Code.

This system only requires one locking nut per wheel.

A Midlands Truck Body Company’s yard was targeted by truck week thieves over many weekends, the company placed a large order for the anti-Theft wheel nuts with aide automotive. A spokesman said “Following the thefts we had to be proactive in prevention, sourcing aide automotive’s locking nut was a first priority in this theft, the product is ideal and makes it virtually impossible to remove a wheel. We also added CCTV and lighting which has hopefully given us a secure yard.”

Stop Commercial Vehicle Fuel & Wheel Theft! Contact aide automotive today!

Prevent Truck Tyre & Wheel Theft

Wheel Stop It is an encrypted wheel nut To Stop Truck Wheel Theft.