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HGV Fuel / Diesel Protection

August 15th, 2019 Comments off

HGV Fuel Theft Advert In Commercial Motor

The July edition of Commercial Motor highlighted a feature on Fuel Theft from commercial vehicles, titled “An Inside Job?”

The feature advised that fuel theft doesn’t just take place in laybys, its likely to happen much closer to home.

Commercial motors article explained on how to spot & deal with internal HGV fuel pilfering.

Below are some reported incidents of Commercial Vehicle Diesel Theft in the UK.

Anti Siphon DevicesTruck Fuel Tank Alarms & Tank Sender Cover Protection 

aide automotive advertised the range of Truck Fuel Protection Products:


Fuming Over Stolen Truck Diesel?

Hauliers have been advised to be on their guard after a load worth £18,000 was stolen from a truck in Northamptonshire last week.

Thieves broke into the lorry, which was parked in an A14 lay-by overnight on Wednesday 19 February, and took around 1,000 bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin.

The thieves are believed to have used a van in the raid, which occurred between 8pm on Wednesday and 5am on Thursday 20 February.


North Yorkshire Police are urging hauliers to keep their vehicles properly secured overnight after a truck was stolen in Leyburn earlier this week.

The Scania truck with a curtainsided trailer was taken from Moor Road, sometime overnight between Monday 12 August and Tuesday 13 August.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police was unable to confirm which company operated the truck and hauliers in the area seemed unaware that the theft had taken place.

Police have advised that vehicles are kept in locked compounds when not in use and are fitted with GPS or tracking devices, enabling operators to locate vehicles if they are stolen.


Truck Fuel Tank Protection

HGV Fuel Theft Advert In Commercial Motor

Protection Of A Trucks Diesel

July 24th, 2019 Comments off

Anti Truck Fuel Theft Alarm Installed At Brian Yeardly Int.


Fuel Tank Alarm Protection For Brian Yeardly

TankGuard is the latest product to protect truck diesel from theft.

TankGuard the Anti Fuel Theft Alarm will activate once the fuel cap is removed or a potential thief tampers with a Truck Fuel Tank.

Brian Yeardly Int are one of the UK’s most competitive general & music festival haulage companies, with a fleet operating with dual diesel tanks containing £1500 worth of fuel, an alarm is a necessity.

Tank Guard automatically arms after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds.

The TankGuard Fuel Theft Alarm is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual fuel tanks.

aide automotive can be contacted via email or by phone – 0115 8456471


Stop Diesel Truck Theft

Anti Truck Fuel Theft Alarm Installed At Haulage Company Brian Yeardly Int.

Prevent Diesel Splash & Spill With Splash Stop

March 29th, 2017 Comments off

Diesel Fuel Splash & Spill Prevention

aide introduce Splash Stop For The TP Diesel Anti Siphon Range

aide automotive would like to introduce you to a NEW accessory for the HGV Anti Siphon product range “Splash Stop”

Following consultations with drivers and customers to discover ways of improving the anti-siphon range, it quickly became apparent that fuel splash back was a major irritation to drivers and fuel spills to managers.

With this we can now offer a Splash Stop Accessory for the Truck Protection Anti Siphon product range.

Tested and approved by drivers this simple innovation prevents fuel splash while re fueling on hands, clothes & the truck body.

Driver comment “It works brilliantly, such a simple solution to an age old problem. For all of us that take pride in our trucks it simply is a must have I recommend it. Stefan”

Splash Stop is fitted permanently if using a non lockable cap, with lockable caps the Splash Stop requires to be removed.

Priced at £4.99 + vat you can order now for fitted siphons or purchase with new orders. Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471


Truck Anti Siphon Accessory

HGV Diesel Fuel Splash & Spill Prevention

Diesel Anti Mis Fuel Product Going Under

December 9th, 2015 Comments off

Diesel Head is easily and securely fitted to your fuel tank inlet, you will never accidentally mis fuel and pump petrol into your diesel tank.

Motorists are wasting millions of pounds due to misfuelling, costing millions per year mis fuelling results in the sequence of the wrong fuel being flushed out, recovery, any work that has to be performed to correct any damage to the vehicle, the cost of components and finally, re-fuelling the vehicle.

With this anti mis fuel product now available in Australia, Diesel Head will probably be the best Anti Mis Fuelling Product on the market.

Diesel Head is now available through Responsive Engineering in Australia.

Responsive Engineering is an Australian company dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We develop and manufacture specialist products and diagnostic tools for the automotive industry.

Responsive Engineering products are directed towards the motoring public, vehicle manufacturers in support of their service networks, large companies, government and non government organisations.

With the Diesel Head Mis Fuelling product now on board a a large distribution network Responsive Engineering will be able to offer sales and support down under!

Wrong Fuel Prevention

Diesel Head can be purchased as a NON LOCKING cap or a Keyed Locking cap.

Truck Fuel Theft Alarm

June 3rd, 2015 Comments off

Anti Truck Fuel Theft Alarm Installed At TCC

TankGuard is the latest product to protect truck diesel from theft.

TankGuard the Anti Fuel Theft Alarm will activate once the fuel cap is removed or a potential thief tampers with a Truck Fuel Tank.

Three Counties Contracts Ltd, based in Bedfordshire, are one of the UK’s most competitive general haulage companies due to our large nationwide customer base and our vast network of contacts.

TCC are always looking to improve the business efficiency and productivity, installing incident cameras and anti fuel theft measures improves the truck efficiency and keeps the fleet moving.

Tank Guard automatically arms after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds.

The TankGuard Fuel Theft Alarm is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual fuel tanks.

aide automotive can be contacted via email or by phone – 0115 8456471


Stop Fuel Theft

TankGuard The Ultimate Anti Fuel Theft Alarm for Commercial Vehicle Fuel Tanks.

Diesel Fuel Spills

March 18th, 2015 Comments off

Truck Diesel Fuel Spills Reaches 500 Prohibitions

More than 500 immediate prohibitions have been issued to commercial vehicles for Spilling Diesel Fuel on the roads since the DVSA began to crack down on the problem last year.

Since September the DVSA has been issuing only immediate prohibitions for fuel system defects or diesel spillages. Offences likely to warrant an immediate prohibition include a missing or ineffective fuel cap or seal, a fuel leak caused by a defect or an insecure fuel tank.

A pilot scheme giving Highways Agency officers the power to stop vehicles and direct them to a DVSA site for inspection was a success,

A DVSA spokesman said. “The agency is currently looking for ways in which it could be rolled-out further.”

aide automotive have been marketing a Retro Fit Spill Valve for the TP Anti Siphon for the past 4 years.

Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 to review your fleet with the Anti Siphon and Diesel Spill Valve.


Diesel Fuel Spill

Fuel theft device that also prevents diesel spillage

Haulage Fuel Theft In South Tyneside

October 8th, 2014 Comments off

Haulage firms across South Tyneside are being warned to be on their guard for diesel thieves.

Police have been informed of a number of premises hit by criminals siphoning fuel from tanks.

Protecting Truck Fuel Tanks can be as simple as fitting an Anti Siphon Device, anti siphon devices are simple to fit, taking no more than a few minutes, with no drilling or gluing to a fuel tank.

Haulage Firms Warned to Beware of Diesel Thieves.

aide automotive have been selling anti syphon devices for truck for over 10 years, such fuel protection devices could prevent fuel theft.

Anti Siphon Device for Trucks, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, Renault

Stop Fuel Theft WIth a Low Cost Anti Siphon Device

Petrol In Diesel

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

Following a successful retro fit to in use Ginster delivery vans, Ginsters Pasties have now made the Solo Diesel Mis Fuelling device a standard fit to all new vans.

Mis-fuelling takes place when you put petrol in a diesel vehicle. The number of diesel cars on the road has increased, and therefore so have the problems and associated costs of misfueling. Putting petrol in your diesel car is easily done as the nozzle on a diesel pump has a larger diameter than an Unleaded fuel nozzle, so the Unleaded fits into the filler neck of the Diesel vehicle without any problems.

Putting Petrol in a diesel car has become more popular over the last few years and is easily done. The nozzle of a petrol pump is smaller than a Diesel nozzle, and therefore fits into the fuel tank without resistance. All you need is for something to catch your attention and you have an expensive repair bill on your hands (and sometimes an insurance claim!)

The Solo Diesel was installed on production, the new Ginsters vans were supplied by Solomon Commercials with a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Solo Diesel will fit a high percentage of vans and cars on UK roads, cost effective and easy to fit, take the worry out of wrong fuelling a diesel vehicle.

To enquire further or to receive a fleet quote click on Wrong Fuel or to go to the dedicated Solo Diesel Website click on Wrong Fuel.


Solo Diesel The Mis fuelling Device From Petrol In Diesel

Solo Diesel The Mis fuelling Device From Petrol In Diesel


AdBlue Contaminated With Diesel

December 6th, 2012 Comments off

aide automotive recently supplied Bedford Fire Service with the AdBlue Anti Contamination Cap. Following an incident of contamination, Bedford Fire decided to reduce the risk of further issues and fitted the AdBlue Cap to Volvo vehicles.

It only takes a small amount of contamination which affects the SCR systems dosing unit and catalytic converter which can put your truck in limp mode requiring a full reset.

The AdBlue Cap has been designed so that if you do try to put Diesel into the Cap and any Diesel is released, it will run off through the drain off holes and no diesel can enter the AdBlue tank. This cap will also stop any debris from entering the AdBlue Tank.

Diesel contamination of an AdBlue truck tank can have major effects to a trucks SCR system which in some cases validates warranty and incurs lengthy downtime. To read more about the AdBlue Cap, click on AdBlue Anti Contamination Cap to go the products website.

You can also call 0115 8456471 to ask questions to our sales team.

Diesel Contamination of AdBlue

SCR Anti Contamination Cap

Skimming prevention Anti Syphon Device

October 26th, 2011 Comments off

Hercules is a Skimming prevention anti syphon device from aide automotive ltd.

The Hercules Fuel Security and Safety Device is the only device to prevent ANY fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that allows fuel to flow into the tank, but locks off once filling is stopped, meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

Also the Hercules can reduce fuel spillage, stopping spiilages is good for the environment and safety on the road.

With fuel theft on the increase this product prevents thieves from siphoning and skimming fuel from the tank. Another benefit is that it prevents fuel spillages. All in all it saves an organisation money in terms of the cost of potential stolen fuel, replacement fuel and fuel spillages.

Contact aide automotive by clicking on Hercules Anti Syphon Device.


Stop Fuel Theft With Anti Skimmimng Syphon Device

Floating Ball Anti Syphon Device From aide automtoive