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HGV Fuel Theft Hot Spots To Keep An Eye On!

August 17th, 2020 Comments off

With HGV & any fuel theft in the UK a never ending pest, we have seen many media reports and thought we could highlight some hot spots!

Fuel thefts from vehicles across Thanet – Feb 28 – 2 HGV were targeted on the A229 – Monkton / Minster Services 2 HGV’s Diesel Theft

Fuel was reported stolen from two more lorries at about 2.45am on Tuesday 3 March on the coastbound carriageway of the A229 outside Ramsgate.

Newark / Worksop 750 ltr of stolen diesel

Basingstoke / Feb 21 a total of 700 ltr of Diesel

Trio admit stealing diesel from lorry after police spotted van in Swaffham lay-by

Three teenagers siphoned 165 litres of diesel from a lorry while the driver slept in the cab.

But police officers who had a hunch about their Transit van parked in a lay-by on the A47 at Swaffham caught them as they made off.

At Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 18-year-old Bradley Hopkins, of Castle Acre Road, Swaffham, and two 17-year-olds, who cannot be named for legal reasons, each admitted theft of diesel worth £163.71 and going equipped for theft.

One of the trio was fined £150 for the theft and £50 for going equipped. He was also ordered to pay £55 compensation (a third of the diesel cost) to the lorry owner, £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge!
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Simple Protection of HGV Fuel Tanks With Anti #Siphon Or #Diesel Tank Alarm could save this hassle!!

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Fuel theft from commercial vehicles is a common problem over the festive period

Haulage Fuel Theft In South Tyneside

October 8th, 2014 Comments off

Haulage firms across South Tyneside are being warned to be on their guard for diesel thieves.

Police have been informed of a number of premises hit by criminals siphoning fuel from tanks.

Protecting Truck Fuel Tanks can be as simple as fitting an Anti Siphon Device, anti siphon devices are simple to fit, taking no more than a few minutes, with no drilling or gluing to a fuel tank.

Haulage Firms Warned to Beware of Diesel Thieves.

aide automotive have been selling anti syphon devices for truck for over 10 years, such fuel protection devices could prevent fuel theft.

Anti Siphon Device for Trucks, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, Renault

Stop Fuel Theft WIth a Low Cost Anti Siphon Device

How To Protect From Catalytic Converter Theft!

May 28th, 2012 Comments off

The CatGuard Alarm Now Has The Extra Benefit Of An Serial Number Identification Kit to Protect Against This Costly Theft

With the massive increase in Catalytic Converter theft, aide automotive has made an addition to the CatGuard Alarm kit. As well as the CatGuard Alarm we can add a unique serial number to the Catalytic Converter by virtually indestructible sticker and metal marking fluid. A belt and braces approach to protect against theft. You can register this serial number with local police and offer insurance companies a proactive solution to this automotive problem.


aide automotive offer an on-site fitting service of the CatGuard and Catalytic Serial Number Kit. Installation can be undertaken out of hours to suit a working fleet. CatGuard can also be installed by competent internal staff.


Taller vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4x4s & Motorhomes are particularly vulnerable as the Catalytic converters are more accessible and, because they tend to have larger engines, they contain more of the precious metals.


It’s not unusual for a new catalytic converter to cost in the region of £1,000 and repair bills of Catalytic Converter Theft to total £3,000.


With thieves just simply cutting each end of the catalytic converter and removing it completely, CAT Converters need to be protected. CatGuard has a sophisticated sensor fitted near to the catalytic converter, and if thieves attempt to remove the catalytic converter in any way then the CatGuard alarm will be activated. CatGuard is fitted to a vehicle in less than an hour.


Catalytic Converter Theft could seriously affect a business by downtime or the cost!

Read more and contact us at


How To Protect From Catalytic Converter Theft

Stop Catalytic Converter Theft