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A simple device to help stop misfuelling of vehicles.

One of the biggest causes of car insurance claims could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a handy new device that prevents drivers from putting unleaded petrol into a diesel car.

It is thought that around 150,000 put unleaded fuel into a diesel car each year, and this leads to a number of car insurance claims, many of which ar turned down and seen as negligence on the part of the driver.  This can then lead to costly repair bills for the car owner.
However, a small innovative piece of kit known as Diesel Guard™ can help prevent these unfortunate mishaps.

Diesel Guard™ is a smart little gadget that will remind you at the pumps that your vehicle runs on diesel fuel. On opening the fuel flap there is an audible warning advising that this vehicle runs on diesel. The device’s volume is such that you cannot ignore it, even on a noisy forecourt! DieselGuard also has a small button to terminate the message once acknowledged.

Diesel Guard™ attaches to the inside of your fuel flap with just a high strength sticky pad.

With the high cost and inconvenience of a diesel engine being filled with petrol, this device will cut out the risk of expensive repair costs and vehicle downtime.

The inspiration came from an unfortunate experience when, on a dark and rainy evening, the innovator grabbed the wrong pump when he went to fill up his car.

It was night and the weather was bad, I couldn’t see much. I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing and I picked up the wrong pump. I just wasn’t paying attention. I suddenly realised that it must happened to thousands of drivers every day and decided there was a need for some kind of warning device.

In today’s society there is a bigger need than ever for this kind of device. People are so busy, always rushing around. It’s very easy to make a mistake like filling up with the wrong fuel.

If you’re consistently forgetful then a Diesel Guard™ device is well worth the investment.  The stern, audible warning from the device will ensure that you never put the wrong fuel in your car again and save you from both embarrasment on the forecourt and the cost of the repair bill that follows.

For more information on the DieselGuard product, visit the Aide Automotive web site.

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