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Diesel Fuel Spills

March 18th, 2015

Truck Diesel Fuel Spills Reaches 500 Prohibitions

More than 500 immediate prohibitions have been issued to commercial vehicles for Spilling Diesel Fuel on the roads since the DVSA began to crack down on the problem last year.

Since September the DVSA has been issuing only immediate prohibitions for fuel system defects or diesel spillages. Offences likely to warrant an immediate prohibition include a missing or ineffective fuel cap or seal, a fuel leak caused by a defect or an insecure fuel tank.

A pilot scheme giving Highways Agency officers the power to stop vehicles and direct them to a DVSA site for inspection was a success,

A DVSA spokesman said. “The agency is currently looking for ways in which it could be rolled-out further.”

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Diesel Fuel Spill

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