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Battery Testing for Heavy Duty Vehicles

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Battery Testing quickly confirms the efficiency of a vehicle’s battery and gives the owner a view to the functionality and life span of a battery. Companies with large heavy duty commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses need to ensure that the vehicle battery is working efficiently. Many companies test their brakes or tyre pressures before a vehicle inspection but why not a battery?  Completing a battery test before an inspection will give a view of the batteries long term functionality.

Once you determine the life of a battery, a business can plan and budget in their business plans to replace them.  Also by regularly recharging a battery prevents any breakdowns, which costs a business in time and money while their commercial vehicle is off the road

aide automotive have a couple of products that can provide this service. The Midtronics EXP1000HDBMP is suitable for Volvo, MAN, Iveco & Mercedes vehicles with the option of a warranty report.  It also has print out options so a record of the battery can be kept. Get in touch with aide automotive for full product information.

Or for a budget solution try the 24 Volt BatteryCheck for just £199.00 BatteryCheck is a small and compact high performance electronically controlled plug in battery charger and tester, in addition BatteryCheck is also a battery back while repairing or replacing electronic items within a vehicle. BatteryCheck’s will test a battery, the charge status and the functionality of the alternator in one simple process, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

Battery Testing for commercial vehicles

Battery Testing for commercial vehicles

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