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Tyre Pressure Guide

January 15th, 2013 Comments off


PressurePro checks tyre pressures 12,343 times every day!


PressurePro displays current and low pressure alerts in the vehicle.  PressurePro can be integrated to vehicle telematics providing tire pressure info to an office based management system.  Immediately know pressures inside your vehicle at any time, standing or driving!

Contact aide automotive ltd to see how PressurePro  can be an effect TPMS for you.

TPMS, Tyre Pressure Monitoring

March 1st, 2012 Comments off

UK Ambulance Service Start A Trial Of AirAlert With Case to Install To Fleet
A UK ambulance service has recently started a trial of the TPM System from aide automotive ltd, AirAlert is a reactive warning Tyre Pressure Monitoring Device.

Once installed the device will blink when a loss of PSI occurs (4PSI for cars & 8 PSI for commercial vehicles), so just walking up to the vehicle will highlight a under inflated tyre.

AirAlert is ideal for commercial vehicles and trailers, when a tyre valve is not visible the devices LED will blink so bright, the LED will show on surrounding surface areas, making inner axled tyres easily checked.

Ambulance tyre pressures are critical due to weight and response driving, with this the staff of this service have requested the authority to review ways of checking and preventing accidents due to under inflated tyres.

The trial will run for a least a month for all managers and staff to review how an Air Alert TPMS can help.

Contact aide automotive ltd for further information on TPMS.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

March 21st, 2011 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring is an essential part of your vehicle maintenance routine because statistics prove that you’re more likely than not to be driving on under-inflated tyres!  One company  checked the tyre condition of 38,000 cars in nine European countries, the results showed a staggering 71% of participating motorists were driving on tyres inflated to a lower than recommended pressure.

The majority of these under-inflated tyres were admittedly less than 0.5 bar under pressure, yet 7.5 per cent of motorists’ tyres were more than 0.5 bar under pressure and half a percent of motorists were driving on tyres at least 0.75 bar under pressure.

By checking the pressure of your tyres, you’ll be preventing the chance of blow outs, which could result in a serious  or fatal accident.  Also by maintating the correct tyre pressure of your vehicle you’ll run a mnore efficient vehicle too.

Check out tyre pressure monitors such as PressurePro or Air Alert.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring to become mandatory requirement of MOT Testing

February 3rd, 2011 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will become a mandatory element of the MOT testing from January 2012, all vehicles tyres will need to be tested as part of the inspection. This positive move from the industry recognises the importance from a health and safety prospective of testing the PSI of tyres regularly. Many companies are already considering TPM as part of their health and safety procedures, as ensuring tyres are the correct PSI for a vehicle can prevent serious accidents.

The industry is also making moves to include tyre pressure monitoring as a standard procedure, from 2012 all new vehicles will be fitted with tyre pressure monitors from 2012.

However if an organisation wants to ensure that their vehicles are safe on the roads, before this legislation kicks in, investment in tyre pressure monitor such as Pressure Pro or Air Alert will ensure tyres are correctly inflated and avoid unecessary accidents.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring device

Tyre Pressure Monitoring device

Tyre pressure monitoring to prevent underinflated tyres

January 15th, 2011 No comments

Tyre pressure monitoring of fleets of vehicles improves safety and saves cash.

TyreSafe is currently reminding organisations that running car and vans on their correct tyre pressure can optimise safety, cut CO2 emissions and fuel consumption as well as resulting  in longer tyre life.

TyreSafe chairman, Stuart Jackson, comments: Reduced fuel bills are possible by simply making sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, so at a time when every penny counts for many motorists, just a few extra minutes taking these simple steps can pay real dividends.”

It is a fact that under inflated tyres cause higher fuel consumption. The tyres have an increased rolling resistance, which means that the engine has to work harder and more fuel is used, making the car less economical. Calculations from one TyreSafe member show that when tyres are under-inflated by just 20 percent or around 6psi, 3 percent more fuel is used.

Jackson adds: “Vehicle safety is always paramount, but making sure tyres are correctly inflated has the very attractive benefit of reduced fuel bills, which is especially important in tough economic times. Motorists needn’t be throwing money away just by making a few straight forward tyre pressure checks.”

A recent TyreSafe survey showed that an astonishing 36% of vehicles were found to be driving with tyres considered to be dangerous as they were under-inflated by more than 8psi.

To monitor your tyres on a regular basis, try a product such as Pressurepro or Air Alert  and you too could start saving on your fuel consumption

Tyre pressure monitor to avoid underinflated tyres

Tyre pressure monitor to avoid underinflated tyres

Monitor Tyre Pressure to prevent serious accidents caused by Tyre Blow Outs

December 2nd, 2010 No comments

Monitor Tyre Pressure on a regular basis to prevent serious accidents caused by blow outs. A recent accident could have been prevented by simple tyre pressure monitoring. Passengers were thrown through windows and doors when a minibus overturned on the M1 following a tyre blow-out last July. The accident resulted in twelve people being taken to hospital, three of which were seriously injured. Three air ambulances were called to the scene of the accident The cause of the accident was witnessed as a blow out from the driver’s side rear tyre, causing the vehicle to overturn. Tyre blow-outs ma be considered unpredictable, but tyre pressure monitors can constantly check tyre pressure and avoid the majority of tyre blow outs. aide automotive has two products that help with tyre pressure monitoring, PressurePro and Air Alert. Visit aide automotive to find out about our range of automotive products

One of aide automotive's tyre pressure monitors

One of aide automotive's tyre pressure monitors

Tyre Pressure Monitoring for Bikes

October 27th, 2010 No comments

Tyre Pressure monitoring is an important procedure to ensure the safety of all vehicles. Checking tyre pressure on a regular basis is essential to avoid unnecessary blowouts. By investing a small amount in a Tyre Pressure Monitoring device, this could save thousands of pounds in replacement tyres.

One such device that does this is PressurePro, a device that continually reads tyre pressures and reports readings via Radio Frequency (RF). Audible and visual alerts warn drivers to low or high tyre pressures. Further to adding greater safety and convenience to vehicles, other significant benefits from maintaining the correct pressure include increased fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, decreased maintenance, diminished downtime and reduced emissions.

 aide automotive has been stocking this product for a number of months now and it’s proving to be a successful product.  Now there is a new product that they’re about to launch to motor cycle owners, PressurePro Motor Cycle Monitor. PressurePro’s 6 wheel ‘Moto’ Monitor allows users to monitor up to 6 wheel positions allowing easy monitoring of motorcycles.

PressurePro Monitors are capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 199 psi, provide two levels of low pressure alerts (the first at 12.5% and the second at 25% drop in pressure), and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa. The ‘Moto’ Monitor features a built-in antenna and weatherproof casing for added versatility. Light sensors automatically adjust the Monitor’s brightness to allow for maximum readability and safety for all riding conditions.

 Matthew Burke of aide automotive says PressurePro is already a popular product with our client base so we’re really impressed with this new product aimed at motorcycle drivers.  Tyre Pressure Monitoring is an important procedure for any driver, but a blow out on a motorbike can have serious consequences which makes PressurePro Motorcycle Monitor an essential item for the Motocyclist!

 Visit  aide automotive or call 0115 845 6471 for more details.

 PressurePro Motorcycle Monitor - monitors tyre pressure for bikes

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Crucial as we hit the Winter Months

September 26th, 2010 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring should be an essential vehicle check as we enter the winter months. Continental Tyres is pushing the need to check tyres with it’s European winter tyre law on its website. It believes some UK and Irish truck and coach operators risk running the wrong tyres unless they know the rules as the run onto the European mainland. “With the approach of winter this is obviously more important.” The guide also explains the safety benefits from using winter tyres. “The effect on stopping distances alone is important; winter tyres can cut this by an artic length.” says a representative from Continental Tyres.

Drivers also need to ensure that they are operating on the correct tyre pressue throughout these months too. PressurePro an excellent tyre pressure monitor device enables a driver to check they’re running their tyres at the correct PSI. Have correctly inflated tyres reduces the chance of a blow out significantly, something to be avoided in icy weather!

Check out aide automotive for full portfolio of products


Check tyres have correct tyre pressure with PressurePro

Check tyres have correct tyre pressure with PressurePro

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will become a permanent feature for all new vehicles

September 9th, 2010 No comments

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will be a compulsory feature of any new car from 2012. European legislation states that new cars will be fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With many modern vehicles already being fitted with them it’s surprising that more people aren’t using tyre pressure monitors on their vehicles.

Kwik Fit’s 2008 Annual Tyre Pressure Review found just over 46 per cent of cars tested had at least one tyre underinflated. If this ratio is applied to the number of UK registrations, a staggering 12.46 million cars could be running on the roads like this, using £1.5 billion pounds of extra fuel and creating literally thousands of extra tons of carbon emissions. That 30 per cent extra tyre wear also means that an unnecessary 108,000 tyres each year have to be manufactured and disposed of too.

By using a tyre pressure monitor like PressurePro you’d be greatly reducing the chances of a blow out, increasing the efficent running of your vehicle and expanding the lifespan of a tyre

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Brake Testing avoids serious convictions

August 5th, 2010 No comments

The easiest way to prevent any prohibitions from VOSA however serious is to consider regular Brake Testing and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. By using a Brake Tester like BrakeCheck you can demonstrate that you’ve been testing on a regular basis. Similarly a Tyre Pressure Monitor such as PressurePro allows you to check you have the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle.

One Staffordshire firm recently discovered the consequences of not regularly maintaining their vehicles. Stoke-on-Trent firm, Dime Metal Services had its licence revoked from 7 August, and its boss disqualified from applying for a new licence for 15 months.

The operator has had its O-licence revoked after a Deputy Traffic Commissioner (DTC) described their vehicles as a “significant danger to other road users” due to lack of maintenance and regular testing of brakes and tyres. West Midlands Deputy Traffic Commissioner Roger Seymour said the company had shown an “almost total disregard of the law and obligations of operator licensing”.

VOSA inspectors carried out maintenance investigations into the company and identified eight prohibitions – three of which were S-marked – were imposed on the firm. They are related to “very serious” brake and tyre issues.

The DTC summarised “Looking at the evidence overall, I find that this operator has failed to discharge his responsibilities and undertakings to maintain his vehicles in a roadworthy condition to the point where the continued use of his vehicles constituted a significant danger to other road users.”

Check out aide automotive for our full product range.


Brake Tester

Brake Tester