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Petrol In Diesel

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

Following a successful retro fit to in use Ginster delivery vans, Ginsters Pasties have now made the Solo Diesel Mis Fuelling device a standard fit to all new vans.

Mis-fuelling takes place when you put petrol in a diesel vehicle. The number of diesel cars on the road has increased, and therefore so have the problems and associated costs of misfueling. Putting petrol in your diesel car is easily done as the nozzle on a diesel pump has a larger diameter than an Unleaded fuel nozzle, so the Unleaded fits into the filler neck of the Diesel vehicle without any problems.

Putting Petrol in a diesel car has become more popular over the last few years and is easily done. The nozzle of a petrol pump is smaller than a Diesel nozzle, and therefore fits into the fuel tank without resistance. All you need is for something to catch your attention and you have an expensive repair bill on your hands (and sometimes an insurance claim!)

The Solo Diesel was installed on production, the new Ginsters vans were supplied by Solomon Commercials with a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Solo Diesel will fit a high percentage of vans and cars on UK roads, cost effective and easy to fit, take the worry out of wrong fuelling a diesel vehicle.

To enquire further or to receive a fleet quote click on Wrong Fuel or to go to the dedicated Solo Diesel Website click on Wrong Fuel.


Solo Diesel The Mis fuelling Device From Petrol In Diesel

Solo Diesel The Mis fuelling Device From Petrol In Diesel


Fuel Transfer Pump

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive ltd have introduced an ideal workshop tool for liquid transfer from tanks or barrells. Mis fuelling a diesel tank can be costly and expensive, with the Eco Pump you can quickly transfer the fuel or other comidity to a container.

Designed for transferring fuel oil and similar structural properties of fluid. The product is easy and safe to use by battery power. The Eco Pump has transfer capacity of 30 litres per minute, with a 12 or 24 volt supply required.

Eco Pump is small and simple, just drop the Eco Pump into a fuel tank and a usually messy or dangerous job can be done quickly and cleanly.

Priced at £44.00 + vat, Eco Pump is an easily affordable workshop tool.

                                       Eco Pump Pointers


1-     Use maximum 5 metres of hose to pump fitted tightly by a hose clamp.

2-     Place the pump into liquid.

3-     Fit battery clamps to + and – poles.

4-     After working for 30 minutes, rest for 20 minutes.

5-     Do not approach with naked lights during transfer process.

6-     After transfer process, be sure liquid completely empty from the pump.

Please Note

Not for the use of transferring combustible and flammable liquids like gasoline, thinners, acid and gas.

Contact aide automotive ltd to order.

Fuel contamination identified with Fuel Analyser!

February 20th, 2011 No comments

aide automotive have introduced a new device to quickly identify fuel contamination, the Fuel Analyser. This fuel diagnostic tool assists truck manufacturers by identifying fuel impurities, demonstrating that vehicle performance issues are the consequence of the use of contaminated or poor quality fuel.

When a trucks performance is questioned it has been difficult to demonstrate that issues have been created by poor or contaminated fuel. In the past truck manufacturers have had to send off fuel for laboratory testing to prove that the fuel is causing the problem and the vehicle is therefore not covered under it’s warranty. This has been both costly and time consuming. However the fuel analyser gives truck manufactures the ability to demonstrate this to their customers themselves.

Running vehicles on substandard fuel can cause long term performance issues such as filter plugging, injector choking, piston ring sticking and breaking.  Immediate identification of fuel contamination prevents further damage to the vehicle and gives vehicle manufacturers the assurance that the issues lie with the fuel and not the vehicle!

Fuel analyser is a hand held unit that gives real time analysis via a digital display screen of any impurities in the fuel such as vegetable oils or petrol. The kit comes with a USB cable, mains adapter, three 50ml measuring tubes, quickstart guide, full users manual and reporting software.

For Adblue contamination evidence try AdBlue filter papers to check for fuel contamination, contact aide automotive to find the best product for you.