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Misfuelling Petrol in Diesel Car!

February 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Diesel Key is a popular product for many organisations as it’s a simple device that stops drivers putting petrol in Diesel cars. The device replaces the filler cap and prevents from accidentally putting the wrong fuel in a diesel filler neck. By making a small investment in Diesel Key you could be saving your organisation thousands of pounds in vehicle repairs and downtime because employees who normally drive petrol car have misfuelled their work vehicle by forgeting it takes Diesel.

Diesel Key is one of aide automotive  best sellers, Matthew Burke, Sales Director says “Diesel Key is one of our most popular products that we sell, the main reason being that companies know they will recoup the cost very quickly, by preventing against their employees putting petrol in a diesel car. The reason it sells so well is simple, it saves money! A small investment in Diesel Key stops a company having to pay out uneccessary vehicle repair costs when an employee misfuels a diesel car, that’s not to mention the costs from vehicle downtime while it’s repaired”

Most recently the following companies have been using Diesel Key.

Walkers Snacks have just started to fit Diesel Key to their fleet of 300 Sprinters.

Mercedes Dealers have seen the benefit of the product and are starting to offer it to their customer database.


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