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Fuel contamination identified with Fuel Analyser!

February 20th, 2011 No comments

aide automotive have introduced a new device to quickly identify fuel contamination, the Fuel Analyser. This fuel diagnostic tool assists truck manufacturers by identifying fuel impurities, demonstrating that vehicle performance issues are the consequence of the use of contaminated or poor quality fuel.

When a trucks performance is questioned it has been difficult to demonstrate that issues have been created by poor or contaminated fuel. In the past truck manufacturers have had to send off fuel for laboratory testing to prove that the fuel is causing the problem and the vehicle is therefore not covered under it’s warranty. This has been both costly and time consuming. However the fuel analyser gives truck manufactures the ability to demonstrate this to their customers themselves.

Running vehicles on substandard fuel can cause long term performance issues such as filter plugging, injector choking, piston ring sticking and breaking.  Immediate identification of fuel contamination prevents further damage to the vehicle and gives vehicle manufacturers the assurance that the issues lie with the fuel and not the vehicle!

Fuel analyser is a hand held unit that gives real time analysis via a digital display screen of any impurities in the fuel such as vegetable oils or petrol. The kit comes with a USB cable, mains adapter, three 50ml measuring tubes, quickstart guide, full users manual and reporting software.

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