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Fuel Theft’s Becoming Major Problem for Truck Drivers

Police are concerned about the safety of truck drivers following the increasing problem of fuel thefts from lorries parked in lay-bys. They have been warning truck drivers travelling through Neath, Port Talbot in an attempt to overcome the issue of fuel theft. Over 150 litres of fuel was siphoned from a lorry parked along the A465 as the driver slept.

Lorry driver Steven Orchard, 34, from Carmarthenshire, was parked on the same road at Resolven when his vehicle was targeted overnight, “Some lorries can hold 800 or 900 litres of diesel. It’s easy money,” he said. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) said truck drivers are popular targets for thieves and the Resolven incident was “not a rarity”. Don Armour, of the FTA, said: “Instances of fuel siphoning and general truck theft are all too common. Truck stop provision is pretty poor throughout the UK – there are basically none in mid Wales

The siphoning of fuel from trucks is a costly business in terms of stolen fuel, replacing that fuel and vehicle downtime. One way that companies can protect their vehicles against fuel theft is by a small investment in an anti fuel theft devices such as TP Anti-syph.

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