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HGV Trailer Pallet Truck Retainer

February 28th, 2020 Comments off

Pallet Truck Locking system “Lee Lock”

The Truck & Bus Product Focus Has Arrived! A little Late But Better Than Never….. ?

This Week Is – Commercial Vehicle / Trailer Load Handling The Pallet Truck Locking system “Lee Lock”, addresses a fairly widespread health and safety issue. The Lee Lock pallet truck restraint is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets, slashing the curtain side and as the pallet truck slots into the lock there’s no chance of any back injury from lifting.

Locking the Pallet Truck In a trailer

Prevents Curtain Tears & Damage

Prevents Goods In Transit Damage

Employee Injury Prevention

Secures Load While in Transit

Pallet jacks are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move pallets within a warehouse

aide automotive has seen more and more companies review the Pallet Truck Restrainer Lee Lock in the last two years, with the ideal time to fit the lock at a trailer build many companies use a body builder to add the Pallet Truck Lock to a trailer or rigid truck. Contact aide automotive – 0115 8456471 or email 

Commercial Vehicle / Trailer Load Handling The Pallet Truck Locking Retainer

Commercial Vehicle / Trailer Load Handling The Pallet Truck Locking Retainer

Portable Brake Tester Designed Specifically For Forklift Trucks

March 9th, 2018 Comments off

Forklift Trucks Brake Testing With BrakeCheck FLT

The BrakeCheck 4 Forklift Trucks (FLT) is our portable brake tester designed specifically for forklift trucks.
The Bowmonk BrakeCheck FLT is a fully self-contained, user-friendly, portable brake tester, which has been developed with a leading forklift truck manufacturer to take account of the slow speed and tilt of forklift truck vehicles. The instrument records the braking efficiency and percentage of braking imbalance in a matter of minutes.
The Bowmonk BrakeCheck FLT determines braking efficiency of both the Service Brake (Foot Brake) and Hand Brake by measuring the rate of deceleration from normal operating speed until the vehicle comes to rest.
The BrakeCheck FLT is the perfect tool to assist with LOLER/PUWER safety inspections.
Designed to be self-compensating, this Fork Lift Truck Brake Meter will indicate on the LED screen when it is positioned level enough to perform a brake test, with a generous tolerance to ensure that this is easy to achieve.
BrakeCheck 4 Forklift Trucks indicates whether the vehicle pulls to the left or right during braking.
Test results can be viewed on the display panel or downloaded to a PC for saving or printing. A printed report can also be produced at the time of testing using the portable infra-red printer.
BrakeCheck 4 Forklift Trucks operates off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and will power-down after a period of inactivity to conserve energy.
Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 for questions, prices and training.
BrakeCheck - ForkLift Trucks

Brake Testing Fork Lift Trucks

In Vehicle Computer

March 4th, 2015 Comments off

CV-PC On Forklifts Trucks

In Vehicle PC’s Used By Allied Glass

Allied Glass is a supplier of luxury glass packaging, creating beautiful and ground-breaking containers for a raft of international brands. Storing most of its stock in a Leeds warehouse, the products are moved by forklift truck.
The loading of each product onto a forklift truck is recorded by the driver scanning the product’s barcode using a wireless barcode scanner. This device transmits the barcode information to a PC on-board the forklift truck, which runs a bespoke internally developed programme that, processes the data and transmits it to the company’s back-office servers, in real time, over Wi-Fi.

Allied reviewed the Commercial Vehicle -Computer because they were unhappy with the existing on-board computers, which were tablet based. The main issue was that the tablets had very poor Wi-Fi performance, resulting in frequent network dropouts as the forklifts moved around the warehouse. Thus causing delays in goods reaching their intended destination, which in-turn was having a negative effect on the site’s productivity.

The solution was a Commercial Vehicle PC combined with dual high-gain Wi-Fi antennas mounted on the forklift’s roof, a 10.4” touch sensitive screen was mounted in the forklifts cab.

Russell Bavester, IT at Allied said “We are very pleased with this solution, CV-PC has significantly improved our Wi-Fi connectivity. These vehicle computers easily outperforms our existing solution even when the same antennas are used, and our existing barcode scanners work seamlessly. We have also been able to free up a bit of room in the cab, as the previous tablet was very bulky.”

Interested in Commercial Vehicle Computers, do not hesitate to contact aide automotive to discuss how our CV-PC’s could improve your business.