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In Vehicle Computer

March 4th, 2015

CV-PC On Forklifts Trucks

In Vehicle PC’s Used By Allied Glass

Allied Glass is a supplier of luxury glass packaging, creating beautiful and ground-breaking containers for a raft of international brands. Storing most of its stock in a Leeds warehouse, the products are moved by forklift truck.
The loading of each product onto a forklift truck is recorded by the driver scanning the product’s barcode using a wireless barcode scanner. This device transmits the barcode information to a PC on-board the forklift truck, which runs a bespoke internally developed programme that, processes the data and transmits it to the company’s back-office servers, in real time, over Wi-Fi.

Allied reviewed the Commercial Vehicle -Computer because they were unhappy with the existing on-board computers, which were tablet based. The main issue was that the tablets had very poor Wi-Fi performance, resulting in frequent network dropouts as the forklifts moved around the warehouse. Thus causing delays in goods reaching their intended destination, which in-turn was having a negative effect on the site’s productivity.

The solution was a Commercial Vehicle PC combined with dual high-gain Wi-Fi antennas mounted on the forklift’s roof, a 10.4” touch sensitive screen was mounted in the forklifts cab.

Russell Bavester, IT at Allied said “We are very pleased with this solution, CV-PC has significantly improved our Wi-Fi connectivity. These vehicle computers easily outperforms our existing solution even when the same antennas are used, and our existing barcode scanners work seamlessly. We have also been able to free up a bit of room in the cab, as the previous tablet was very bulky.”

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