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In Vehicle Computer

March 4th, 2015 Comments off

CV-PC On Forklifts Trucks

In Vehicle PC’s Used By Allied Glass

Allied Glass is a supplier of luxury glass packaging, creating beautiful and ground-breaking containers for a raft of international brands. Storing most of its stock in a Leeds warehouse, the products are moved by forklift truck.
The loading of each product onto a forklift truck is recorded by the driver scanning the product’s barcode using a wireless barcode scanner. This device transmits the barcode information to a PC on-board the forklift truck, which runs a bespoke internally developed programme that, processes the data and transmits it to the company’s back-office servers, in real time, over Wi-Fi.

Allied reviewed the Commercial Vehicle -Computer because they were unhappy with the existing on-board computers, which were tablet based. The main issue was that the tablets had very poor Wi-Fi performance, resulting in frequent network dropouts as the forklifts moved around the warehouse. Thus causing delays in goods reaching their intended destination, which in-turn was having a negative effect on the site’s productivity.

The solution was a Commercial Vehicle PC combined with dual high-gain Wi-Fi antennas mounted on the forklift’s roof, a 10.4” touch sensitive screen was mounted in the forklifts cab.

Russell Bavester, IT at Allied said “We are very pleased with this solution, CV-PC has significantly improved our Wi-Fi connectivity. These vehicle computers easily outperforms our existing solution even when the same antennas are used, and our existing barcode scanners work seamlessly. We have also been able to free up a bit of room in the cab, as the previous tablet was very bulky.”

Interested in Commercial Vehicle Computers, do not hesitate to contact aide automotive to discuss how our CV-PC’s could improve your business.

Truck Computer With WiFi

January 29th, 2015 Comments off

aide automotive offer In Vehicle PC’s To The Commercial Vehicle Operator

aide automotive have introduced a new product within the commercial vehicle sector, PC’s are an every day essential business tool and now any vehicle can be tooled up with a reliable, high performance PC.

With a PC having endless uses, PC’s can improve vehicle or business efficiency almost immediately. One option could be vehicle management, engine diagnostics can be taken via the vehicle CAN-BUS, with engine warning lights being reported back to HQ within seconds of activation.

Driver performance is another, harsh braking, accelerating, idling and over speeding can all be logged by a PC. With Crash For Cash and road traffic accidents a major heath & safety concern, a PC can record via a number of cameras around the vehicle for days, weeks or months. Data can be replayed instantly on the PC or transferred back to HQ.

aide auto director Matt Burke said “Having a PC in a vehicle could have endless uses. We can offer a product portfolio for a CV PC, for example a Fuel Tank Anti Theft Alarm, a Catalytic Alarm, tracking, SatNav, Incident Cameras & many more. Customers can also add their own bespoke software, we can work with IT depts and offer on site installation!”

E-mark approved our product range have been extensively heat tested and a robustness vibration check.

Please review our product page by clicking on Commercial Vehicle PC  and do not hesitate to contact aide automotive to discuss how our PC’s could improve your business.

WiFi Truck Computer

Commercial Vehicle On Board PC – The Future!
aide automotive offer In Vehicle PC’s To The Commercial Vehicle Operator

Commercial Vehicle PC; Diesel Head Mis Fuel Device; Anti Freeze Windscreen System – HeatShot

January 7th, 2015 Comments off

Happy New Year From aide automotive!

With new products entering our product range and existing products going from strength to strength. We hope the aide automotive staff can achieve the high standards we have set in customer service and product quality.

New Products Added to the range are :

Commercial Vehicle PC – Our In Vehicle PC’s are designed specifically for use in vehicles, and carry the automotive “e-mark” certification that is required by law for all vehicle-based equipment.
Diesel Head Mis Fuel Device – Diesel Head Mis Fuelling Product in it’s own simplicity is a machined precision device, made of the finest materials and designed to clamp firmly to the filler point/inlet of your diesel tank. Prevents Petrol In Diesel Vans & Cars.
Anti Freeze Windscreen System – HeatShot – has real tangible benefits for every driver, in every season. Snow, frost, insects, bird droppings, oil – Heat Shot heats and delivers washer fluid to clear all. Assists in clearing frozen jets. Broadens spray coverage. Improves clarity. Improves wiper blade performance. Reduces engine idling time. Above all, it improves safety.
aide automotive offer a range on commercial vehicle products, call 0115 8456471 to enquire.