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Lee Lock The Pallet Truck Lock

January 28th, 2010

Lee Lock is a patented product to stop pallet trucks from rolling in the back of a truck and causing damage to the goods or the trucks curtain sides.

Lee Lock addresses a fairly widespread health and safety problem in a simple but ingenious way. And as fleet managers are becoming ever more concerned with the potential long-term costs of health and safety risks, the modest one-off price for the Lee Lock is a very attractive solution.

Pallet trucks are often left loose in the truck cargo area or lifted onto tyres, either way there is the potential of the pallet truck crashing into the goods or ripping the curtain side when the truck had to brake hard or goes over a speed hump.

Lee Lock is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into any goods or slashing the curtain side, and as the pallet truck slots into the Lee Lock there is no chance of any back injury by lifting the truck as would be required if using a tyre.

Lee Lock is the only pallet truck holder to 100% lock the pallet truck down, no risk of damage or employee injury.

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