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Commercial Vehicle PC; Diesel Head Mis Fuel Device; Anti Freeze Windscreen System – HeatShot

January 7th, 2015 Comments off

Happy New Year From aide automotive!

With new products entering our product range and existing products going from strength to strength. We hope the aide automotive staff can achieve the high standards we have set in customer service and product quality.

New Products Added to the range are :

Commercial Vehicle PC – Our In Vehicle PC’s are designed specifically for use in vehicles, and carry the automotive “e-mark” certification that is required by law for all vehicle-based equipment.
Diesel Head Mis Fuel Device – Diesel Head Mis Fuelling Product in it’s own simplicity is a machined precision device, made of the finest materials and designed to clamp firmly to the filler point/inlet of your diesel tank. Prevents Petrol In Diesel Vans & Cars.
Anti Freeze Windscreen System – HeatShot – has real tangible benefits for every driver, in every season. Snow, frost, insects, bird droppings, oil – Heat Shot heats and delivers washer fluid to clear all. Assists in clearing frozen jets. Broadens spray coverage. Improves clarity. Improves wiper blade performance. Reduces engine idling time. Above all, it improves safety.
aide automotive offer a range on commercial vehicle products, call 0115 8456471 to enquire.


Diesel Theft Prevention

February 21st, 2014 Comments off

Protect From Truck Fuel Theft

As Thieves Steal Fuel From Lorries Parked in Rotherham

Lorry drivers in South Yorkshire are being urged to be on their guard against thieves stealing fuel.

Diesel worth more than £1,000 was stolen from lorries parked at an industrial estate on Meadow Way, Swinton, Rotherham, while drivers slept overnight on Sunday into Monday.

Another lorry, parked at Kilnhurst Road, Rawmarsh, was also targeted between 6pm on Sunday and 3.25am on Monday.

Police said the driver of that lorry heard a noise at the back of his vehicle and climbed out of the cab to find a siphoning hose near the tank.

Protecting Truck Fuel Tanks can be as simple as fitting an Anti Siphon Device, anti siphon devices are simple to fit, taking no more than a few minutes, with no drilling or gluing to a fuel tank.

TP Anti Syph can be fitted to all types of tank: bayonet, screw type & bus /coach.

Truck Manufacturers include, Volvo, MAN, DAF, Iveco, Scania, Renault, Foden, Hino & Mercedes.

Also contact aide automotive to discuss Fuel Protection with Anti Siphon Devices or Tank Fuel Theft Alarms.

Click on Truck Diesel Theft to enquire via email.

Call 0115 8456471 to talk to aide automotive now!

Petrol In Diesel

July 29th, 2011 Comments off

aide automotive have introduced a new website to protome the Solo Diesel mis fuelling device for cars & vans.

SoloDiesel is a unique, patented solution to protect your diesel  vehicle from being filled with petrol.

In the past, there have been several attempts to solve  misfueling, only SoloDiesel provides a physical barrier to prevent this  problem.

Mis-fuelling takes place when you put petrol in a diesel vehicle.  The number of diesel cars on the road has increased, and therefore so have the problems and  associated costs of misfueling.  Putting petrol in your diesel car is easily done as the nozzle on a diesel pump has a larger diameter than an Unleaded fuel nozzle, so the Unleaded fits into the filler neck of the Diesel vehicle without any problems.

This new website is an informative site that explains mis fuelling, wrong fuel, petrol in diesel or Right Fuel.

You can purchase a Solo Diesel for any car or van at the Petrol In Diesel website.


Submersible Transfer Pumps

May 30th, 2011 Comments off

This portable 12 volt water is a fully submersible or inline centrifugal  pump and is suitable  for pumping diesel.

This pump is small, slim line, convenient and robust with the ability to be used on water systems up to a temperature of 80 ºC, pump-out in tight areas, due to its compact nature, with the use of the clip-on easily cleaned plastic filter or as a diesel refuelling and diesel transfer pump with no spillage.

Contact aide automotive to purchase.

Car Fuel Theft

April 14th, 2011 No comments

Following many calls to protect cars from fuel theft, we can offer a solution as described below:


The Conical Spring has been used to great effect within the light commercial sector for many years, this device is the only reasonable solution we can offer the car market.


This email will in best describe the product  / system so that you can make your own judgemental view if the spring will suit your car or requirements. aide automotive do not offer any refund or returns policy if this product does not work for your particular vehicle.


We firstly advise you to review  with your local garage or manufacturer if the Conical spring can be fitted to the fuel neck  / entry to the fuel tank. The Spring is supplied 360 mm in length, this can be cut down to a required length.


As it’s a conical spring the end diameter is 55mm. See attached document for a picture.


The idea is that the spring is sent into the filler neck and lodges when the diameter is larger than the internal diameter of the filler neck, the spring will sit tight tin the neck making very hard to be removed. As it’s a curled spring fuel will be able to flow into the tank while re fuelling.


Once you have decided the correct amount of spring to be used any excess is cut off with a practical saw.


Examples of use –


Ford Transit – The whole spring is pushed into the neck until full compression, a small amount is cut off and the spring is lodged behind the entry.


Iveco Daily – A small amount of the spring was used to be situated at the entry to the fuel tank in the plastic pipe.


Landrover  Defender – Roughly half the spring was used and pushed into the entry, compressing and holding in place.


Once you have discussed this with a car garage or your manufacturer and if you wish to purchase we can take payment via credit  or debit cards.


We hope this helps and please if you do proceed offer feedback on fitting or use.

Contact aide automotive to discuss further.

Petrol Theft

February 22nd, 2010 No comments

aide automotive already has a number of products that address fuel theft now we’re about to launch our first product that covers the theft of Petrol from Cars. As Petrol theft becomes an increasing problem car drivers are now a greater target for this crime, Locking Petrol Fuel Caps are the perfect deterrent for such fuel theft!

Fuel theft is not only just a costly problem but also the inconvenience of having a car off the road while you replace the fuel means lost hours at work or meetings. Keep an eye on the aide automotive website for when this product launches as it will give you the answer to petrol fuel theft

This product is for petrol cars only however follow this Diesel Fuel Theft link for protection against diesel fuel theft