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ISOCheck ISO7638 EBS & ABS Tester

March 15th, 2017

ISOCheck Re Launch Coming Soon!

Prices Now Released For ISOCheck

aide automotive ltd will relaunch the latest version of the ISOCheck soon.

The latest ISOCheck EBS will test pins 1 to 5 and EBS 6 & 7!!

ISOCheck will be available in three lead options:

ISOCheck – ABS – Tests ABS Systems Pins 1 to 5

ISOCheck – EBS – Tests ABS Systems Pins 1 to 7

ISOCheck EBS Plus – EBS Plus Will Pin Point The Pin that is at fault, Pins 1 to 7

With the latest electronics technology and a redesigned PCB, this ISOCheck has the ability to move forward with trailer technology and future truck & trailer brake systems.

ISOCheck Pricing

ISOCheck – ABS – £139.00

ISOCheck – EBS – £149.00

ISOCheck EBS Plus – £199.00

All plus carriage & VAT.

Contact aide automotive for any questions via email – info@aideautomotive.com or phone 0115 8456471


Truck ISO7638 EBS & ABS Tester

ISO Electronic Brake System Tester is the latest addition to the ISOCheck product range

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