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Truck Incident In Cab Camera

March 12th, 2013

On Board recording cameras are becoming an essential tool in vehicle incident evidence for vehicle operating companies.

Ideal for all applications such as Truck & Bus operators, Law Enforcement, Hauliers, Taxi, Private Cars and much more.

A recent call to aide automotive where a customer’s van fleet had been targeted for “Crash For Cash” moved the customer in the use of In Cab Camera’s as a retro fit to the fleet.

The Customer stated “Having been targeted by these people we decided to fit these cameras as a protective measure against Crash For Cash claims, but we have also seen to full benefit of the camera to improve driver standards and inevitable road accidents.”

The Black Vue is easily installed in less than a few minutes in any vehicle, the Camera bracket with sticky pad can be adjusted to suit any window.

Black Vue Software When you remove the SD Card and plug it into the computer you can then simply analyse how the accident was occurred with the Road Eye software. This software will allow you to watch back on the event, collecting vital information about your speed and location. A built in Google Map will show you the journey on the road while on playback and will allow you to find your exact location.

Companies could see their insurance premiums double in a year due to  ‘crash for cash’ incidents, also it is stated that a majority of crashes and accidents that involve a fleets vehicles are not the company’s fault.

Cameras argue the case for the operator, rather than filling out paper claim forms a cameras evidence is non questionable. With insurance companies generally favour the cars in incidents the camera can put the blame in the correct place.

With more and more Duty Of Care and Safety requirements being put on business in today’s world an Incident Camera can have a positive effect on a safety record and possibly more importantly keeping vehicles on the road.

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