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Anti Fuel Theft Devices – New Partnership

aide automotive have been supplying the automotive industry for many years with anti- fuel theft devices . TP Anti-syph has been part of the product portfolio for as long as the business has been running and now aide automotive have a new distribution deal with TruckProtect.

Matthew Burke Director of aide automotive says “We’re happy to be working with TruckProtect the suppliers of TP anti-syph by supplying organisations with this high quality device that prevents the mis-fuelling of commercial vehicles.”

This device is quick and simple to fit, there’s no drilling or gluing to a fuel tank needed so you can easily remove or replace it on to a new vehicle or your existing fleet.

TP Anti Syph can be fitted to  most venicles wether they be bayonet, screw type & bus or coach.

Follow this link for more information on our Anti-fuel theft devices

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