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Trailer Brake Testing

July 11th, 2011

The SMMT is calling on the DFT to clear confusion over trailer brake testing.  Some trailer makers believe it should be possible to test and type approve a brake system on one trailer and then for other trailer makers, using the same kit to use the same approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency.  The purpose being to save the cost of a test for each trailer type.  “This collaborative approach to brakes system testing is not permitted under UNECE Regulation 13 that sets out the requirements for the type approval of trailer braking,” says Allan McKenzie, senior technical manager for the Society.  “If a trailer from one maker uses the same running gear and braking system as another, there is no guarantee that it will get the required braking performance without locking its wheels and as a result, failing the test.  The outcome of the test depends on the installation of the components and the build quality of the chassis.”  McKenzie believes the DfT should clear the confusion before trailer makers waste time, effort and money.

Another option to test trailer brakes is the BrakeCheck TT (Truck & Trailer).

This brake tester is not for manufacturers type approval but for a brake test on a 6 weekly maintenance inspection.

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