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Misfuelling a Diesel Car with Petrol!

Misfuelling a petrol car with diesel is a common problem, so much so Coronation Street used it as a storyline recenty.  Many drivers put petrol in a diesel car, so Coronation Street used it as a story line for taxi business owner Steve Mcdonald.  He was so distracted by other things going on in his life that he put petrol in the tank of his diesel vehicle. This cost him money in terms of repairing the car and the vehicle downtime!

Many drivers make this costly mistake, especially ones that switch between petrol and diesel vehicles for work and personal use. A cost effective device such as Diesel Key is the answer.  The device fits on the neck of your petrol tank and will not allow a petrol nozzle to be inserted.

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Misfuelling Device

Misfuelling Device

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