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AdBlue Contamination Check on Inspection

The European Unions recent emphasis on reducing vehicle emissions has led to them introducing new regulations regarding emissions from light and heavy goods vehicles. SCR  is a method introduced by leading vehicle manufacturers to comply with these new rules. SCR is a process that reduces NOx emissions using a urea additive in the exhaust flow.

AdBlue is an example of such an additive. The liquid is mixed with the exhaust fumes as they leave the engine. A great method of reducing emissions however a business needs to be sure that this process is working effectively all the time to ensure compliance with the European Union rules.

An Optical Refractometer is the solution. It measures the refraction of a liquid, in other words it ensures the right level of AdBlue is being used and checks the contamination with other liquids such as brake fluid or antifreeze!! The Optical Refractometer is an easy hand held device that is portable and easy to use

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