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Fuel Theft from Cars is Increasing Reports Automotive Organisations

Reports are increasing of thefts of fuel from vehicles across the UK. Recently the RAC have reported a major increase in fuel theft from cars and light commercial vans.

“There has been a 500% increase in call-outs to fuel thefts from cars throughout Greater London, and nearly every other region of England has seen a rise of more than 50% since January”, the RAC said.

aide automotive ltd has been involved with the fuel theft problem for many years, Matthew Burke founder of aide automotive ltd states ” back in 2001 a coach operator advised me that fuel was stolen weekly. Not having any product to offer the customer I looked at what I could invent to counteract this theft. After discussions with a local engineer, we came up with an anti siphoning device to suit buses. We then found that this fuel theft problem was a common occurrence and hauliers were also finding fuel theft was affecting their business.  Since then aide automotive ltd have introduced a variety of anti siphon devices for trucks, buses, coaches, vans and now cars!

With many commercial anti syphon devices sold in the UK, aide automotive ltd have also seen a requirement for anti siphon devices for cars and vans. With this we are proud to announce a new device for diesel cars and vans. Our latest device will help prevent fuel theft from a diesel car or van and also stop the major problem of misfuelling.

Mis fuelling is reported to take place once every 3 and a half minutes, and with the high cost and inconvenience of a diesel engine being filled with petrol, this device will cut out expensive repair costs and vehicle downtime.

Car fuel theft will increase as long as fuel prices increase, so for a small investment of around £50 reduces, loss and downtime inconvenience.  Protecting a car’s or van’s fuel is a wise move.

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